Aptitude Tests

Symbiotics have a range of aptitude tests to help measure an individual's natural talents and cognitive abilities for doing and learning to do.

This sort of cognitive testing process can help a business to measure work-related cognitive capacity and a candidate's suitability for a role or training. For example our cognitive assessment can identify how well someone can draw conclusions from situations through cognitive or verbal reasoning, or test spatial reasoning for presumed ability to undertake roles where a high level of spatial awareness is required.

How do they help?

Aptitude tests are designed to identify not only the current skills of an individual but also their likelihood of being able to pick up new skills quickly. This can help with all stages of someone's career from recruitment through to personal development and promotion. Identifying who is likely to be able to assimilate additional skills or procedures with ease can assist with the efficient hire of team members, as well as with internal procedures such as the setup of new teams.

Example Questions

Aptitude tests cover areas including: Cognitive Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, Situational Judgement Tests and Spatial Reasoning.
Types of question include identify the next number in a sequence, or choosing an image to complete a pattern. Verbal Reasoning tests can require an individual to read a short statement and draw conclusions from it, whereas Numerical Reasoning tests might provide a graph or chart and ask you to draw conclusions from the data provided.

Symbiotics' Tests Include