Crew Resource Management Assessment


This online Assessment has been designed to look at an individual's decision-making abilities and communication skills, focusing on non-technical skills and how they are likely to respond in various situations.


This Assessment is designed especially for the aviation marketplace, and is currently available in three levels of seniority which are chosen to suit the level of the candidate.

User Requirements

This Assessment has a psychological basis and therefore cannot be sold without the support and feedback of the Symbiotics’ psychologists, to ensure that the appropriate guidance is being given to the recipient.

Any businesses wanting to purchase our Crew Resource Management Assessment should get in touch with Symbiotics, or enquire below, to allow us to discuss your requirements and set you up a corporate account to enable your access to the client portal and purchase of licenses.

Taking the test

This test is currently untimed although we advise that a candidate should complete all questions in 30 – 40 minutes.


The results of this Assessment are provided as scores for each criterion which are normed against the relevant population (First Officer, Captain or Flight Attendant), shown in a colour banding for easy identification of level.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Being able to work together as a team, despite those on board possibly never having met before the crew briefing, is important for maintaining the safety of the aircraft. Understanding how each person's preferences will affect their ability to quickly work with others is essential for airlines.