MindQ™ | mental wellbeing assessment


This is a clinically validated mental health risk assessment tool, identifying individuals who may be at risk of potential mental health conditions and allowing them to be directed to the appropriate support. Our MindQ™ product assesses life dissatisfaction, stress coping, emotional distress, substance abuse and is RAG rated for ease of use.

We recommend this test is undertaken every four months so that any changes can be tracked and identified prior to becoming a serious risk.

If your organisation has an Occupational Health Department the assessment results can be issued to them in order to feedback results to individuals. In these circumstances we can provide the MindQ™ product at a discounted rate. Please enquire if this is preferable.

To understand more about how Symbiotics are working to support a better understanding of mental health in the workplace please read more here.


MindQ™ is aimed at all companies who want to support the mental wellbeing of their staff. It is valid for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

Symbiotics' team of psychologists are developing some further industry-specific versions of this assessment, so get in touch to enquire about our specialised MindQ tests.

User Requirements

This test has a psychological basis and therefore cannot be sold without the support and feedback of the Symbiotics' psychologists, to ensure that the appropriate guidance is being given to the recipient.

Any businesses wanting to purchase MindQ™ should get in touch with Symbiotics, or enquire below, to allow us to discuss your requirements and set you up a corporate account to enable your access to the client portal and purchase of licenses.

Buy the test with feedback

Are you looking to take this test for personal development or to understand your own mental wellbeing?

You are able to purchase the test along with a 30 minute feedback session with one of our Psychologists – click here to add it to your basket. Feedback sessions will be conducted in English.

For individual purchases, a feedback telephone call conducted in English (ICAO level 4 recommended) will be arranged with one of our Psychologists to help you interpret your results.

What happens next

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay, you will be sent a Welcome email containing licence codes for the purchased tests.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform.

If you / your participants have previously registered an account on our ADAPT platform and have a username and password, this licence code can be redeemed against existing accounts by logging in at https://adapt2.symbioticsltd.co.uk. If not, you / your participants will need to register a new account at https://adapt2.symbioticsltd.co.uk/register, and enter the licence code during this process.

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, one of our Psychologists will be in touch to arrange a feedback session after which you will receive a copy of your report.

For assistance during this process, please see support details provided in the Welcome email.

Taking the test

This is an online test which takes 10 minutes and comprises of 90 questions. Candidates therefore require access to a laptop / computer with access to the internet. This test can be taken in any location with these facilities, using the Licence codes purchased through your client portal.

The test is available in English, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish. If you require any other languages please contact the Symbiotics team for further information.


Our psychologists generate a report following this test, identifying where on the wellness scale a candidate is across different areas.

If required, Symbiotics can provide links to further support and information or give details or an introduction to one of our partner support agencies.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Early identification of individuals at risk of developing mental health issues allows them to be provided with the support they need to prevent these issues from becoming significant. As well as pointing individuals to the relevant support, data analytics can give an organisation-wide picture of particular areas where work stress is greatest, allowing for changes to working practices or the environment; to promote a healthy workplace.

MindQ™ & Aviation

Recent changes to the EASA regulations require all pilots to have a psychological assessment before they commence line-flying. Our personality questionnaire meets the requirements as defined, in that it identifies the psychological traits and suitability of the flight crew in respect of the work environment; and reduces the likelihood of negative interference with the safe operation of the aircraft.