Assessment and selection in high stress industries

Symbiotics are experts in psychometric testing and assessment services within industries where businesses and individuals are required to work under high stress or there is a high-risk element. How people perform is at the heart of our activity and the services we provide, be this training, consultancy or through our range of tests and assessments.

When it is vital that you have the right person in the role, able to perform under high levels of stress or where failure is not an options. If you are selecting individuals to invest significant amounts of training in, you need a selection process you can be confident in, that will identify the right candidate for the role and deliver success.

Symbiotics are experts in the selection of people within high stress, high pressure and high consequence industries. We have measurable success rates assisting companies such as airlines and police forces with smarter selection of candidates for specialist training courses.

"Failure rate of firearms officer's course in the UK is running between 40-60% nationwide, the South Wales Police Joint Firearms Unit success rate using Symbiotics pre-course assessment and selection is currently at 90%"

Assessment and selection of people for roles, training and promotion

Companies trust Symbiotics to help them make informed decisions as we understand how to measure the performance of people and have the skills, tools and experience to help you assess and identify those individuals who perform best and are the most suitable for your requirements.

Symbiotics can also assess the dynamics of your team to determine how they will work together to ensure that the balance is right, the team will be effective and identify skill gaps that need filling. Symbiotics offer a competency /profiling service for any single role or team activity, or can undertake the development of a competency framework for your whole organization. Our Occupational Psychologists will identify the traits and characteristics that you require and which, coupled with your company’s culture, identify the best traits and assessments to identify the right candidates.

Mental wellbeing and risk

Symbiotics offer a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment MindQ™, which measures participants across the entire mental well-being continuum, providing insights into the mental wellbeing of individuals within your team. MindQ™ can identify who is at risk of potential mental health conditions, which allows individuals to receive the appropriate support to re-establish mental wellbeing. This also has the benefit of reducing absenteeism or presenteeism within your business and building a culture of wellbeing. In a high stress role, ensuring the mental wellbeing of your team can increase productivity and ensure high safety levels are maintained.

Symbiotics also offers MindFull, an extension to the MindQ™ tool, which additionally looks at the wellbeing of staff over time, identifying changes that can indicate trends and enable early intervention and support. MindFull also detects changes in the way the user answers the questions that may indicate an attempt to mask their true state and flags this up so that the right support can be given.