Pilot aptitude testing

- measuring pilot potential in potential pilots.

Have confidence that you can prove you are undertaking a Pilot Aptitude Test process that aligns to IATA third edition guidance material and best practice within aviation.

We help organisations to deliver PAT systems within their company that measure the 8 pilot competencies in a robust and effective way. We work to implement IATA, ICAO and EASA best practice assessment and selection processes into airlines and ATOs.

Read more about exactly how Symbiotics comply with IATA third edition guidance material and best practice for Pilot Aptitude testing.

Identifying suitable candidates – predict future success

In order to gain an understanding of a cadet's potential success in the training pipeline we test their knowledge and aptitude coupled with a personality assessment to ensure they are the right fit for the role.

We have a range of online tests depending on what our clients need to assess, including: aviation knowledge, maths, physics, hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity, multi-tasking, English language, mental abilities, social-interpersonal abilities, situational awareness, memory, communication, team work, leadership, emotional intelligence, mental health risk. Find out more about our tests

Our solution to measuring the 8 pilot competencies using 6 dimensions.

Our Assessment English language proficiency Basic mental abilities Composite mental abilities Operational abilities Socio-interpersonal abilities Personality traits
Advanced Personality Questionnaire leadership, teamwork professionalism, motivation, self-discipline, self-organisation, safety motivation, stress coping, application of procedures, compliance with regulations
Crew Resource Management decision-making, workload management, situation awareness leadership, teamwork social confrontation, coping with time pressure
Conflict Resolution social confrontation
English test written English and listening skills
Aviation Knowledge technical comprehension
Cognitive Reasoning information processing, spatial abilities, reasoning, logic
FAST information processing, spatial abilities, reasoning, logic, concentration allocation of attention, multitasking, psycho-motor abilities, spatial abilities situation awareness, information management
Contextual Flying Task psycho-motor abilities, spatial abilities
Co-ordination Assessment psycho-motor abilities, spatial abilities
MindQ stress coping
Structured Interview (via Skype, or as part of aviation assessment day) spoken English and comprehension problem solving, decision-making communication, leadership, teamwork professionalism, motivation, self-discipline, self-organisation, stress coping, self-criticism
Group Exercise (as part of aviation assessment day) spoken English and comprehension problem solving, decision-making communication, leadership, teamwork social confrontation, coping with time pressure
Full ADAPT (includes Interview, behavioural assessment and debrief) spoken English and comprehension in the applied setting memory capacity, information processing [speed and accuracy], spatial abilities, reasoning, logic, long-term concentration allocation of attention, multitasking, psycho-motor abilities, spatial abilities problem solving, decision-making, workload management, situation awareness, information management communication, teamwork professionalism, motivation, self-discipline, self-organisation, self-criticism, safety motivation, stress coping - information load, time pressure, application of procedures, compliance

We can support you with all elements of your PAT process from providing online test licenses to running assessment centres or even candidate screening management portals embedded into your own system, taking the headache out of candidate selection and assessment.

What's more we can also customise the assessment process specifically for your airline or ATO so that your organizational culture and traits that are important to you are highlighted during the process to deliver candidates that are a good fit for both the role and you!

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Competency based assessment for pilot selection

Who defines the PAT requirements?

Symbiotics will work closely with you to define your requirements and will make recommendations on the most appropriate ADAPT assessment battery. This can be supported by a job analysis or organisational profile where there is not an existing competency framework within the organisation, to ensure the assessment criteria are tailored to the specific requirements of the operator.

Who performs the testing?

Symbiotics' Online ADAPT tests are designed to be delivered and submitted anywhere in the world through our online system, so can be administered by the client organisation. While some tests require supervision or the presence of trained experts, others can be performed unsupervised from the candidate's home. Symbiotics provide training and documentation to support test administration and interpretation of results.

Who takes the hiring decision?

ADAPT does not pass or fail candidates; the ADAPT process will provide a detailed breakdown of candidate performance and a recommendation to the organisation, based on statistical scoring models, to support them in making the final hiring decision.

Is the decision solely based on the results of aptitude testing?

The organisation must decide on the scope of their selection process and how PAT fits into this. The bespoke nature of ADAPT means that organisations can use the various ADAPT assessments from the beginning to the end of the selection process, or as one stage of a wider selection protocol, as per their requirements. For example, aptitude testing with ADAPT can act as a screening process for the first stage of selection, enabling the strongest candidates to go forward to the next stage of the organisation's hiring process. Symbiotics can also integrate individual organisation's own selection tests into the ADAPT system, for example organisation-specific technical knowledge tests, so that the process can be delivered smoothly through a single interface.

How and by whom is the recruitment process, including the PAT system, maintained and evaluated?

Symbiotics is focused on continual improvement of our systems and as such, will conduct regular reviews of our assessments to identify any changes that may need to be made, as the industry and associated requirements evolve over time. We can also support our Clients in evaluating the effectiveness and predictive validity of their assessment process, through measuring the training outcomes and ongoing performance of candidates against the initial selection criteria.

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We have a wealth of experience support our aviation clients, find out more about what we do and how we operate.

Case Studies

Working in partnership with a Training Academy providing fully flexible solutions

The Client

Our client is a UK based Training Academy, placing their graduates into airlines to undergo type-rating.

The Need

A large organisation with a global footprint, this specific academy was in need of varying levels of support for different assessment programmes. With a multi-stage assessment process, they needed a qualified team with an aviation background and knowledge who could both monitor candidates in team environments plus conduct professional interviews. They were looking for an expert partner with the flexibility to work around their changing needs, providing solutions and assessors as required.

The Solution

Working closely with our client, we have formed a partnership where our aviation Psychologists are able to provide any aspects of the solution that they need on each specific intake or assessment programme. Whether we are asked to lead and observe the team exercises, conduct interviews, talk through briefs or provide paperwork and final results matrices, we work around our client to present the appropriate solution for each individual circumstance.

The Benefits

Providing a completely flexible solution means that our client is certain that whatever they need we are primed and able to support them. Saving our client the costs of having to employ their own permanent staff for periodic assessments; the flexibility of using Symbiotics also saves them internal recruitment and training time. Our Psychologists are fully objective providing clear output, with the additional benefit that they lead and provide these solutions globally so their skills and knowledge remain active and accurate.

Providing an end-to-end assessment solution for a Middle Eastern Aviation Academy

The Client

Symbiotics have been working with a Middle Eastern Aviation Academy.

The Need

This Aviation Academy receives a massive number of applicants for each intake, not all of whom are suitable or likely to be able to complete Pilot training. They were looking for a comprehensive and objective solution to ensure that the people they select to join their training programme are those most likely to pass and go on to successful careers in aviation, benefitting both themselves and potential unsuitable applicants for whom it is a significant financial investment.

The Solution

Working together with this academy, we have built a complete end-to-end assessment solution to guide their full selection process. The first step is the provision of a set of online tests through our ADAPT assessment platform, with licence codes sent to each applicant. Identifying traits such as natural aptitude for the role, going forwards these results will be used to sift candidates who are unlikely to be successful at training so that only suitable applicants progress to the next stage. We then provide teams of our aviation Psychologists who fly out to the clients’ site and manage on-site assessments for the academy, where the softer skills are assessed and the candidates are observed in a team environment as well as undergoing an individual interview. A final report is provided incorporating feedback from all stages and identifying the best candidates for training.

The Benefits

This complete end to end solution gives our client a comprehensive set of exams allowing them to understand the full potential of each applicant for their training academy. Identifying the candidates who are most likely to be successful in the training programme, it gives them confidence in their decisions and means that their time and cost can be focussed on the best applicants.

Remote solutions for a Business Jet client, supporting their demanding environment

The Client

Our client is a European Business Jet operator

The Need

Our client has the need to select both Pilots and Attendants for their incredibly specific and challenging environment where they themselves have demanding customers with very high expectations. They have been looking for a solution to identify candidates who are motivated to remain in the demanding business jet world but need something flexible and accessible.

The Solution

We have been providing our client with a package of online tests, available to be taken at a time and place convenient to the candidate. The responses to these tests, including insight into traits such as what motivates the applicant, are followed up via a Skype interview with one of our Psychologists. This is key to finding the right person for their environment, as the motivations, pressures and demands of the Business Jet world are vastly different to the commercial aviation marketplace and our Psychologists identify those candidates likely to be best suited.

The Benefits

This completely remote solution allows flexibility for the client and their applicants, whilst providing a completely unbiased output. We provide our client with the insight to give them confidence that they are selecting the right team member: someone who is likely to stay in the position because their motivations and drive are matched. This means they can then provide consistency to their own clients, supporting customer satisfaction right down the line.