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We are experts in the selection of people who can deliver in industries specialising in high risk, stress or consequence environments. Our purpose as a global assessment provider, is to collaborate with clients to deliver robust and reliable solutions for assessment and selection. Our team also provide training and consultancy services to help our clients understand how people perform in their working environments and to enhance their performance.

Online Pilot Aptitude Practice Test Bundles

Our pilot aptitude practice test bundles are designed to give aspiring pilots the best opportunity to familiarise themselves with the tests so that they can perform to the best of their ability.


Find out more about the new EASA psychological assessment requirements and how Symbiotics and ADAPT can help airlines to become compliant.

How to Meet the New EASA Aircrew Medical Fitness Regulation Webinar

Download a free webinar bringing together industry experts in their fields to address what is required to become fully compliant with the new regulation.

Mental Wellbeing

MindQ™ is a corporate mental health risk assessment for early identification of mental health issues in staff.

Working across all industries, including high risk, stress and consequence environments.

Spotlight on Aviation

Pre-selection and assessment for the training pipeline of command upgrades. Aviation specific personality, knowledge, aptitude and psychomotor tests. See our client services here.

Considering a career in aviation? Find out more about the information and knowledge you need to be ready for the Assessment Day and training pipelines.

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Spotlight on Police

Assessment and selection of candidates for role advancement and particular deployments. Including firearms, surveillance and protection officers. Find out more about our police services here.

Learn about our specialised police training packages.


Symbiotics are the owners and only providers of the genuine suite of ADAPT tests. ADAPT tests are not available from any other provider. We do not have affiliations with resellers, distributors or partners. If you wish to take our practice ADAPT tests you will need to purchase them directly through this website or for volume sales please contact us directly.