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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Symbiotics additionally provide support to clients to help monitor the mental wellbeing of their workforce and have online mental wellbeing assessment tools that allow for early identification of warning signs. This allows targeted help and support to be given to the individual to help them improve their mental wellbeing.

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Our Pedigree

Symbiotics have provided assessment & selection, training and consultancy services to over 80 countries across five continents with our team designing bespoke solutions that are culturally aware.

Over 36,000 candidates have undergone our online pre-selection assessment process since 2012.

Our ADAPT Technology

Using our online test system ADAPT, Symbiotics are able to provide you with an easy to use software interface for our tests and comprehensive reporting across all assessments.

Symbiotics are the owners and only providers of the genuine suite of ADAPT tests. ADAPT tests are not available from any other providers we do not have affiliations with resellers, distributors or partners.

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