Our Pedigree in aviation assessment and selection

Symbiotics have provided assessment & selection, training and consultancy services in over 130 locations spread through 80 countries across five continents. Our Psychology and Technology teams work in partnership to provide you with your own bespoke, culturally aware solution.

We support airlines, ATOs and other aviation businesses with the completion of 5,500 tests monthly across 300 variations of assessment. We fully believe that accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people success and will work closely with you to fulfil your need. With over two decades of relevant industry experience and benchmark data to support your assessment programmes, you can be confident that our comparison groups are providing the most appropriate results.

World map with locations Symbiotics have worked
Leading aviation to excellence in assessment by being the premier global psychometric provider for this sector.

Working with the Symbiotics' team of professionals has been a smooth process and they continue to support our staff with a quality effort

Symbiotics is ISO9001:0215 accredited and we are compliant with the latest industry standards and data protection. We have over 20 years of experience within aviation during which we have supported our customers in the prediction of training outcomes and future employment success. Our ADAPT assessment programmes provide informed results to give insight into the decisions you are making, supporting your global aviation assessment and selection needs.

Symbiotics are the owners and only providers of the genuine suite of ADAPT tests, widely used in aviation assessment and selection. ADAPT tests are not available from any other provider. We do not have affiliations with resellers, distributors or partners. Find out more about our ADAPT assessment suite here , to understand how we can provide you with an easy to use software interface and comprehensive reporting.

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