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On this page you will find downloadable versions of Symbiotics' resources, including downloadable literature and documents to provide you with further information around our products and services.

You will also be able to read our responses to industry updates, or information sheets that we have put together to help your understanding of how we can support you with our aviation and psychology services. This area will be updated with any new documentation we put together, to ensure that we are always providing you with the most relevant guidance and support, alongside our assessment & selection services.

Downloadable Literature

This booklet talks about our mental wellbeing provision, focusing on the aviation marketplace and in relation to supporting you with the EASA Mandatory Psychological Evaluations coming into effect in July 2020.

Providing you with insight into our online ADAPT selection and assessment system, this booklet identifies the benefits of using our solutions. Detailing some various test options and helping you understand the options available, this booklet is a handy introduction to what is on offer.

This smart guide to preparing for EASA's mandatory psychological assessment of Pilots provides you with a basic explanation of what will be required when the new rules come into effect in July 2020. Including insights from our Principal Occupational Psychologist, it gives you a bit more insight into the reasoning for and benefit of these changes for your organisation.

Talking about our more in-depth assessment and selection solutions, this booklet talks about the five-stage selection and assessment process that our Psychology team can support. With the option of support with as many or few elements of this as required, it offers a truly bespoke solution for your assessment needs.

This booklet gives additional information about our mental wellbeing provisions and how we can support your business with staff wellbeing. Further information about our mental wellbeing services can be found here.

Marketplace Guidance

This report explores the questions posed by IATA's latest PAT guidance material, looking at the competencies to be examined and importance of through-life assessment. Examining how our ADAPT system addresses the individual requirements indicated, this document gives you confidence that our solution keeps you fully compliant.

Compliance to the British Psychological Society's standards for the design and delivery of assessment centres is key to ensuring that a fair and equitable assessment is offered to all candidates. Summarising the responsibilities of both our Psychology team and you, adherence to the points in this document and therefore the BPS standards provides you protection against any candidate complaint.

Psychology Services Information

This document provides a brief overview of the types of knowledge test on offer by Symbiotics, explaining how they help you and the aviation-specific aspects of our knowledge tests. To find our more information visit our Types of Assessment page.


This video gives you a brief overview of the candidate and test user experience across our ADAPT assessment platform.

This video introduces the administration and client side of our ADAPT assessment platform.

System guidance sheets

This sheet provides guidance around how to login to ADAPT to access your assessment. If your query isn't answered here, or to discuss anything in more detail, please get in touch with the team.

If you are taking, or guiding a team through, multiple tests in ADAPT this document helps you to understand how to log back in to take your further assessments. Remember – you do not have to have a new ADAPT account for each individual test.

If there are any of our services in particular that you would like some more information on, please get in touch with our team and we will look to expand our information to ensure that you have easy access to the relevant information.