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Assessment and Selection for Aviation

Leading the aviation industry to excellence in assessment as its premier global psychometric provider.

Aviation is a unique market and requires a specialist approach to assessment and Symbiotics are experts in the selection of people. We have coupled in-house technical capability with psychology skills to create a perfect union to partner with our clients in achieving best in class selection programmes.

We fully believe that accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people success and whatever stage of your recruitment you involve us at, our psychology team will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve from your assessment and selection process, recommending the components and output to provide a unique solution that works for you.

We have over 25 years of experience providing assessment and selection solutions to the aviation industry in over 100 locations across the world. Our purpose as a global assessment provider is to collaborate with clients to deliver robust and reliable solutions for assessment and selection.

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We work the way you do

Fitted to your real world operations

Our online tests are accessible globally, any time of the day, and scalable to your needs; removing the time and costs of candidates traveling to assessment centres. Our Psychology team can conduct interviews remotely via conference technology or can travel to your sites, giving you flexibility regarding timing and costs. Our solutions can interface with, or integrate into, your existing systems and processes, ensuring no additional administration burden.

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Reducing your preparation effort

Instead of having to set up and manage candidate user accounts, your candidates register themselves onto our ADAPT system using a licence key specific to your assessment programme. You can purchase a set of licences from us and issue them to your candidates, or we can provide an e-commerce gateway to allow candidates to purchase licences for your assessment directly from us. If required, we can organise psychology service activities directly with candidates.

Designed around you

Our platform allows online tests to be accessible from a candidate's remote location or restricted to your sites for closer supervision. Optionally, checkpoints provide a staged assessment, which you are in control of via your client portal. Completed candidate assessment reports are available immediately and effortlessly, giving you actionable information without delay. Follow-up psychology debriefs can provide deeper insight and advice when required.

Highest quality guaranteed

We follow the guidelines set by EFPA, APA and ITC in our test construction and documentation. We are always thorough and place the highest value on constructing scientifically valid tools. Our systems provide full traceability and auditability of assessment results, from candidate and assessor responses all the way through to the assessment report.

Continuous development

Our psychology and technical teams are integrated to ensure our solutions are ready at any time. They are also constantly refining and customising our tests along with creating new tests to support clients with selection for new roles.

Staying in control

Reports are available for you to easily download in PDF or Excel format. Should you wish to migrate away from ADAPT by Symbiotics, you'll find the results are readily extractable and transferable.

Safe and secure

We are committed to protecting client and candidate data and comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. We can provide you with valuable data to support your ROI on recruitment and training success.

Your trusted partner, unlike any other

Supporting clients in over 130 locations, in 80 countries across 5 continents
Over 5,500 aviation assessments completed monthly across 300 variations of assessment.
ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001 accredited and compliant with latest industry standards
Two decades of relevant industry expertise and benchmark data
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A selection of our clients

ADAPT Assessment

OxfordSaudia has recently begun using Symbiotics' ADAPT process to screen pilots for its flight program that culminates in an A320 Type Rating. We wanted a screening program that would remove subjectivity from our selection process and give our managers confidence in the selection of our pilots. Working with the Symbiotics' team of professionals has been a smooth process and they continue to support our staff with a quality effort. They present the results in a clear and easy to understand way allowing us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive set of exams allow for a full understanding of the potential of each candidate. They quickly respond to questions or concerns prior to, during or after each exam regardless of the remote location and time zone we operate from. We would highly recommend their product or process for any school or airline looking to ensure the highest quality candidate for the airlines.

Captain Larry Wade, Chief Executive Officer, OxfordSaudia


Symbiotics has played a crucial role in our recruitment process by delivering a tailor made solution for BSP in a timely and flexible way to enable us to choose the right candidates. We are pleased with the constructive and open-minded think process which led to this assessment methodology for us.

Roland Fennis, Head of Training & Standards, Brunei Shell Petroleum

The tailored approach ensures that a candidate is not only assessed against role-specific aspects, but also pre-defined company-specific requirements. In the past years, I have been using ADAPT extensively. Still the accuracy of the reports amazes me. In times where regulatory requirements and common sense pushes operators to conducting assessments before hiring pilots, one gets the best value for his money with Symbiotics. Operators around the world can definitely benefit from Symbiotics' years of experience in assessing pilots.

Ralph Ingold, Managing Director, Ingold Aviation


Since I took over FlyBy in May 2015, I understood how important is to give proper and honest feedback to potential pilots about their prospects both, to being able to complete the training but even more importantly, so determine if they were a good fit for the industry. Our aspiring pilots required to take the admission tests from anywhere in the world. We now have over 76 different nationalities represented in the school. Symbiotics has proven to be an excellent tool to evaluate the aspiring pilots abilities and skills, and therefore to make sure they have taken action to improve their skill before joining the flight training. Yes, It has also been very good in identifying applicants that were not a good fit. Despite how hard it is to tell someone that it is not advisable to continue pursuing their childhood dream, we believe it is way better than letting them spend the fortune pilot training costs nowadays. This has proven of incredible value to us as a flight school, but more importantly, to our aspiring pilots.

Alex Alvarez, CEO, FlyBy

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