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Our Clients

Symbiotics work with clients in over 80 countries across the world, providing a range of aviation assessment & selection and supporting psychological consultancy services. Explore here what some of our existing clients say about us and why they choose to use our ADAPT aviation assessment and selection solutions.

A selection of our clients

Case Studies

Find out more information below about how we have supported three very different aviation clients with their varying selection and assessment needs.

Fully flexible solutions for a UK-based Training Academy

A partnership-based solution where our Psychology team provide a differing level of support depending on the intake requirements of our client. Read more here.

End-to-end solutions for a Middle Eastern Aviation Academy

A complete solution to guide the selection process, from an online pre-sift to onsite interviews and group exercises. Read more here.

Remote solutions for a Business Jet provider

Providing globally accessible online assessments and a remote Skype interview with one of our Psychology team to identify the best candidates for this specialist market segment. Read more here.

What our clients say about us

I had no prior experience with using psychological assessments prior to engaging Symbiotics to act as our contractor to do these tests on our crews. I have to say that I was really pleased with the results which far exceeded my expectations.

It has already provided highly detailed analysis of crew personalities and non-technical skills. The whole interaction with the sales personnel and analysts throughout has been thoroughly professionally and well handled by the Symbiotics team.

Keep up the great work! Well done!

John Norris, Director, AV8Jet

Vinpearl Air selected ADAPT because we know many airlines in the world, as well as our training partner CAE, use this tool from Symbiotics for professional pilot screening. The ADAPT reports will help us to know more about our students and we use this to brief them and their parents about their capability to become professional pilots. ADAPT is used to recommend candidates most likely to graduate from training school before they commence pilot training.

Mr Pham Duy Long, Acting CEO of VinAviation School, Vinpearl Air

Since I took over FlyBy in May 2015, I understood how important is to give proper and honest feedback to potential pilots about their prospects both, to being able to complete the training but even more importantly, so determine if they were a good fit for the industry. Our aspiring pilots required to take the admission tests from anywhere in the world. We now have over 76 different nationalities represented in the school. Symbiotics has proven to be an excellent tool to evaluate the aspiring pilots abilities and skills, and therefore to make sure they have taken action to improve their skill before joining the flight training. Yes, It has also been very good in identifying applicants that were not a good fit. Despite how hard it is to tell someone that it is not advisable to continue pursuing their childhood dream, we believe it is way better than letting them spend the fortune pilot training costs nowadays. This has proven of incredible value to us as a flight school, but more importantly, to our aspiring pilots.

Alex Alvarez, CEO, FlyBy

Thank you very much for a very valuable and well executed report interpretation session. This means we can now better understand and use the ADAPT report output as part of our Instructor recruitment process. I very much look forward to working with Symbiotics to make sure we have an optimum fit between CAE FiiN (Flight Instructor Initiative) pillars and our ADAPT tests.

Captain Torbjörn Wischer, CAE Head of Training, Civil Aviation Training

You guys are professionals and the customer support was great. Thank you

Jean de Dieu Ngabonziza, Akagera Aviation

Mission Aviation's Fellowship Journey

Symbiotics started working with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) at the beginning of 2021.

We've been providing assessments for Ab-Initio Pilots applying to join their training schools and direct entry Pilots joining the organisation across their various locations.

Here, Roger Edwards, International Recruitment Manager at MAF, discusses more on how we've worked together, providing high-quality assessments to ensure compliance with EASA regulations.

Mission Aviation's Fellowship Journey on YouTube