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Practice Aviation Assessment in ADAPT

Provided by Symbiotics, trusted by Airlines and Aviation Training Organisations worldwide

Symbiotics Ltd

Take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the aptitude testing process within the aviation industry, to help to remove your test anxiety and demonstrate your true capability.

Symbiotics are a global provider of assessment and selection solutions for airlines, ATOs and other aviation businesses in over 130 locations spread through 80 countries. We are the providers of the ADAPT system and our clients trust our aptitude tests to predict your success rate in both the training process and throughout your career.

We are now offering you the opportunity to take practice versions of the assessments used during the recruitment stage by airlines and ATOs around the world to allow you to best prepare for everything you will encounter during the recruitment process.

Why Take a Practice Test

Increased familiarisation
Reduced Test Anxiety
More Directed Study

Test Catalogue

Tests specific to your career

Select one of the below roles to see practice test bundles specifically designed for each discipline.

What are Symbiotics' Assessments designed to measure?

Our assessments are designed to measure your skills and aptitudes including psychomotor, cognitive, problem solving and decision making skills. The assessments can be split into three groups.

Knowledge Tests

These tests are designed to measure your level of understanding in a particular subject area or topic and include tests like Maths, Physics and English

Knowledge Tests

Aptitude Tests

These tests look at elements such as psycho-motor skills and multi-tasking and include tests like FAST, Cognitive Reasoning, Co-ordination and Fixed Wing/Flight Test.

Aptitude Tests

Behavioural Tests

These tests are designed to look at your personality, preferences and behaviour, as well as your motivation and coping strategies and includes tests like the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire.

Behaviour Test

Top tips for preparing for your Aviation Aptitude Tests?

Preparation for the assessments is key. Take practice tests to familiarise yourself with the assessment process and to highlight areas that you may need to strengthen prior to taking your actual assessments.

You can also prepare for the different types of tests in the following ways:

Knowledge tips

Knowledge Tests Tips

Go back to the basics of the subject area, revisit high school/GCSE (or equivalent) text books and refresh your understanding of the different concepts and formulas. Practice calculations in your head or in your day to day activities for example adding up your shopping.

Aptitude tips

Aptitude Tests Tips

Sports and activities such as Yoga, Aerobics or Team Sports can help to improve your co-ordination, as can taking part in a hobby such as model making, knitting or playing a musical instrument that can help to improve fine motor skills. You can play online games with a joystick to improve your hand eye co-ordination and practice multi-tasking.

Behaviour tips

Behavioural Tests Tips

Behaviour tests measure how we behave in different situations and there is no right or wrong answer, apart from taking a practice test to understand what to expect from the test, there is no other way to really prepare. Be sure to answer all of the questions openly and honestly to give the best representation of yourself.