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ADAPT for Assessing Business Jet Pilots

A testimonial by Ingold Aviation

Ingold Aviation is a certified ADAPT partner and delivers first officer and captain assessments to a wide range of European business aviation clients.

Symbiotics conducts a staged selection process for Ingold Aviation's end clients which involves an enhanced EASA-compliant test battery, followed by a structured video interview and detailed psychologist report, tailored to the specific needs of Ingold Aviation's client.

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Flexible and effective processes

The dynamic nature of the business aviation environment can present its own challenges when it comes to organising face-to-face interviews and assessments, due to the candidates being located anywhere globally and on rapidly changing schedules. Symbiotics can offer Ingold Aviation greater flexibility by utilising remote assessments and interviews. The remote approach can support a faster turnaround of results for more streamlined recruitment, and the use of a staged process allows for unsuitable candidates to be screened out earlier, reducing the time and cost for everyone involved.

Customised client profiles

Ralph Ingold, Managing Director, said "Some of our clients require bespoke organisational profiles to ensure not only are they recruiting the best pilot, but one that is the best fit for their organisational culture. The team at Symbiotics are able to interview key stakeholders within my client's organisation to gather information on their culture and ethos, allowing us to adjust the Personality Questionnaire output and interview competencies in line with each of my clients' specific recruitment needs."

As well as the specific needs of the operator, individual operations in the business aviation industry also have their own nuances influenced by the nature and location of the operation; Symbiotics can adapt the interview process accordingly ensuring that the information captured is relevant to the specific organisation and operation of the AOC.

Multi-staged approach

Symbiotics work with Ingold Aviation to carry out thorough behavioural assessments as an optional third stage of the process, with Ingold Aviation providing pilot examiners to collect data and record observations on the candidates' operational performance in a highly dynamic and pressured scenario. This data is then analysed in detail by Symbiotics' psychologists, alongside information from the ADAPT and Interview stages of the recruitment process. This results in a highly detailed bespoke report output summarising the candidate's fit for the operator against the core pilot competencies and any additional cultural requirements.

The tailored approach ensures that a candidate is not only assessed against role-specific aspects, but also pre-defined company-specific requirements. In the past years, I have been using ADAPT extensively. Still the accuracy of the reports amazes me. In times where regulatory requirements and common sense pushes operators to conducting assessments before hiring pilots, one gets the best value for his money with Symbiotics. Operators around the world can definitely benefit from Symbiotics' years of experience in assessing pilots.