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ADAPT for Assessing Cadets

A testimonial by Brunei Shell Petroleum

Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is the largest oil and gas company in the Sultanate and uses ADAPT for its cadet assessments, allowing the organisation to select the most suitable cadet applicants to progress through their training pipeline and into the role of BSP pilot.

Symbiotics conducts a staged selection process for BSP featuring an in-depth online assessment, containing the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire as well as a battery of knowledge based and aptitude assessments, followed by a remote assessment day which includes a group exercise and individual video interviews with Symbiotics' psychologists.

Roland Fennis, the Head of Training & Standards at BSP said "Symbiotics has played a crucial role in our recruitment process by delivering a tailor made solution for BSP in a timely and flexible way to enable us to choose the right candidates. We are pleased with the constructive and open-minded think process which led to this assessment methodology for us."

A customisable approach

Symbiotics worked alongside BSP to gain an understanding of their requirements and adjusted the interview competencies and group exercise accordingly in-line with BSP's specific recruitment needs. This bespoke approach ensured that the assessment processes focus on measuring the key competencies and cultural fit that would make an individual successful not just in the training programme, but also within the specific pilot role at BSP.

Detailed reporting

Upon completion of the online assessments and the remote assessment day, Symbiotics issue a detailed summary matrix and individual candidate reports focussing on BSP's specific requirements, which enables the organisation to identify and select the strongest candidates to take forward to the final and most cost-intensive stage of their assessment process, the simulator. The reports also highlight any areas for development that could be explored at this stage.

A remote solution

Symbiotics are highly experienced in delivering completely remote assessment solutions; with tests administered online, and group exercises and interviews that are designed to be conducted virtually, Symbiotics were able to offer BSP a greater level of flexibility in their assessment solution. Symbiotics worked with BSP to ensure that timings were adapted to provide a suitable schedule accounting for time zone differences, and the remote delivery ensured candidates could attend each phase of the assessment process from a convenient location, reducing the time and costs usually associated with organising an on-site assessment centre for a more streamlined process.