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All Air Asia Aviation Academy and Symbiotics partner to help prepare future pilots

Kirsty Lane | 07.12.23

All Asia Aviation Academy (AAA), an Aviation Training Organisation based in the Philippines, have partnered with Symbiotics to provide their ADAPT assessment programme to their select cadets who are scheduled to be assessed for airline consideration after they have achieved their commercial pilot training and other aviation qualifications.

After re-visiting their processes post-COVID, AAA will be utilising Symbiotics APQ Personality Questionnaire and insightful reporting tools as a pre-screening instrument for cadets under the school's programme that allows a possible pre-screening by an airline for a placement opportunity. As part of the partnership, All Asia Aviation Academy employees have received training from the Symbiotics' psychology team in interpreting ADAPT candidate reports, providing them with the tools and capabilities to understand and review ADAPT report outputs in-house.

Symbiotics APQ is designed to measure a candidate's personality, values, behaviour and attitudes and includes traits that are specific to the aviation sector. Each of the questions are designed by their in-house psychology team to identify specific aspects of the psyche as well as behavioural traits. Designed to focus on the ICAO competencies, the assessment can be used to pre-determine an individual's cultural fit and whether their personal style preferences suit a high-stress, high-consequence role such as a Pilot.

All Asia Aviation Academy Chief Operations, Chirstian Petrona says,

The APQ is a very useful tool towards providing airlines a clear and reliable means of having a closer look at our submitted candidates. Utilising this assessment is something that we have realized, is an important step towards bridging that "unknown gap" between applicants and airline companies, especially during this initial stage. It provides insight that has a concrete scientific basis allowing us to see areas of improvement and enabling us to be confident that we have made the best decision in considering an applicant to be nominated for assessment. Furthermore, we know that the tool was developed by Symbiotics, and the ease of how the test is administered and how results are delivered and reported is just amazing. We are looking forward to extending this collaboration further in the future, with exciting additions to our offerings coming soon.

Symbiotics' Aviation Business Development Consultant, Rachel Barnett added,

We are thrilled to announce that All Asia Aviation Academy has selected Symbiotics as their trusted partner for cadet assessment. Our collaboration will ensure that each aspiring pilot undergoes a comprehensive evaluation using our APQ. We are committed to supporting AAA in identifying the most talented and capable cadets, setting them on the path to succesful training and a promising career as a Pilot.

Symbiotics will work closely with All Asia Aviation Academy to support their commitment of providing a higher level of professional pilot training for the global airline market.