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Providing an end-to-end assessment solution for a Middle Eastern Aviation Academy

Case Study

The Client

Symbiotics have been working with a Middle Eastern Aviation Academy.

The Need

This Aviation Academy receives a massive number of applicants for each intake, not all of whom are suitable or likely to be able to complete Pilot training. They were looking for a comprehensive and objective solution to ensure that the people they select to join their training programme are those most likely to pass and go on to successful careers in aviation, benefitting both themselves and potential unsuitable applicants for whom it is a significant financial investment.

The Solution

Working together with this academy, we have built a complete end-to-end assessment solution to guide their full selection process. The first step is the provision of a set of online tests through our ADAPT assessment platform, with licence codes sent to each applicant. Identifying traits such as natural aptitude for the role, going forwards these results will be used to sift candidates who are unlikely to be successful at training so that only suitable applicants progress to the next stage. We then provide teams of our aviation Psychologists who fly out to the clients' site and manage on-site assessments for the academy, where the softer skills are assessed and the candidates are observed in a team environment as well as undergoing an individual interview. A final report is provided incorporating feedback from all stages and identifying the best candidates for training.

The Benefits

This complete end to end solution gives our client a comprehensive set of exams allowing them to understand the full potential of each applicant for their training academy. Identifying the candidates who are most likely to be successful in the training programme, it gives them confidence in their decisions and means that their time and cost can be focussed on the best applicants.