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Remote solutions for a Business Jet client, supporting their demanding environment

Case Study

The Client

Our client is a European Business Jet operator

The Need

Our client has the need to select both Pilots and Attendants for their incredibly specific and challenging environment where they themselves have demanding customers with very high expectations. They have been looking for a solution to identify candidates who are motivated to remain in the demanding business jet world but need something flexible and accessible.

The Solution

We have been providing our client with a package of online tests, available to be taken at a time and place convenient to the candidate. The responses to these tests, including insight into traits such as what motivates the applicant, are followed up via a Skype interview with a member of our psychology team. This is key to finding the right person for their environment, as the motivations, pressures and demands of the Business Jet world are vastly different to the commercial aviation marketplace and our Psychology team identify those candidates likely to be best suited.

The Benefits

This completely remote solution allows flexibility for the client and their applicants, whilst providing a completely unbiased output. We provide our client with the insight to give them confidence that they are selecting the right team member: someone who is likely to stay in the position because their motivations and drive are matched. This means they can then provide consistency to their own clients, supporting customer satisfaction right down the line.