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Symbiotics discuss Pilot Aptitude Testing for the Advanced Air Mobility sector

Kirsty Lane | 12.02.24

With an expanding and developing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector, the ability to attract and retain relevant expertise will be vital. As eVTOL operations commence, it is important to ensure sufficient consideration is being given to not only the pilot, but all human elements within the process. As part of this, Symbiotics have recently released their thoughts in the form of a free eBook on people selection and the evolving role of the pilot in the AAM landscape.

Predictions for the number of eVTOL pilots required suggest as many as 60,000 more by 2028, and this is expected to drive a need to widen the pool for talent. Whilst the initial requirements will be filled by qualified and experienced pilots, as the industry advances with eVTOL pilot qualifications, power-lifted aircraft type ratings, and new training pathways developed, understanding the competencies required and existing capabilities across expected applicant pools along with personality differences will be vital.

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With AAM, we will see an operating environment not yet seen before in terms of the aircraft variety, the need for additional airspace infrastructure, and the demands on the pilot. Just as with current Pilot Aptitude Testing, the selection of eVTOL pilots needs to be effective and consistent when focussing on the necessary aptitude and personality traits required to ensure competency standards are met.

Symbiotics Managing Director, Hannah Davies, says:

We adopt a collaborative approach in all that we do and this is a further opportunity for us to partner with the industry and AAM operators to ensure that we have an industry solution that is fit for purpose to support the most appropriate selection of AAM pilots. These are exciting times and we strive to ensure that people considerations are included in the discussions and agenda as the industry advances.

Symbiotics Psychology Consultant, Caroline Creane, added:

As we head into a new era of aviation with the commencement of eVTOL operations, there is understandably lots of discussions around the development of equipment, systems, and operational infrastructure – we want to ensure that the human within the system is given equal attention. When selecting personnel, the assessment process must be specific to the requirements of the role, and we cannot assume that knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviours required to demonstrate the core pilot competencies will be the same, when the context in which they are deployed comes with its own unique challenges. We are heading into unchartered territory and while these developments are exciting for the industry, identifying the right people for the job is paramount to the success of the expanding AAM sector.

Symbiotics free eBook on Pilot Aptitude Testing for the Advanced Mobility sector covers the following topics:

  • Discover what the evolving role of the pilot in the AAM landscape looks like
  • Find out what impact Advanced air Mobility will have on psychological requirements
  • Understand how Symbiotics can support AAM operators with their people selection

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