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IATA's Pilot Aptitude Testing Guidance Material and Best Practices

Caroline Busst | 19.09.2019

Symbiotics understand the vital importance of keeping up to date with the latest regulations and guidance across the aviation industry, both to ensure that our services meet the requirements and also to allow us to provide a trusted advisor service to our clients. The third edition of IATA's guidance material for Pilot Aptitude Testing (PAT) has been released this year, driven by the rapidly changing operational environment and recognising the need to develop a set of defined competencies for future pilots. These competencies are to be deployed throughout the entire career, with assessment of them intended to increase operation safety.

We have put together a response report to explore the questions posted by the guidance material, as well as to identify how our ADAPT system addresses the requirements indicated, meaning you can have confidence in the Symbiotics solution. Read our paper here to breakdown what the IATA guidelines mean for PAT and how Symbiotics are able to partner with you to provide a detailed breakdown of candidates and their suitability for the training or operational pipeline to support your informed hiring decisions, whilst remaining fully compliant.

Symbiotics' ADAPT system supports and complements the different aspects of this guidance, allowing us to become a trusted partner to our clients as we support you with the implementation of a secure, validated and robust PAT as part of your selection process. Supporting the eight pilot competencies and IATA recommended measuring dimensions, Symbiotics can provide you with a bespoke ADAPT process designed to facilitate measurement of these whilst addressing the ICAO pilot competencies.

Get in touch with one of the Symbiotics team to discuss your requirements and understand how we can help you comply with the IATA regulations through implementation and support of your pilot aptitude testing process.