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VinGroup adopt Symbiotics' ADAPT assessments for cadet selection

Elizabeth Grew | 09.12.2019

Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private conglomerate, have recently partnered with CAE to set up the VinAviation High-tech Human Resources Training School and Vinpearl Air Flight Training Centre. Vietnam is experiencing a boom in it's aviation industry, increasing the need for qualified commercial pilots. The current world wide Pilot Shortage means providing more locally trained pilots. Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam show that Vietnam will need for another 1,320 commercial pilots by 2020. VinPearl Air have adopted Symbiotics' ADAPT assessment software to assess and select for training as pilots those candidates with the highest potential to succeed.

Mr Pham Duy Long, Acting CEO of VinAviation School says: "Vinpearl Air selected ADAPT because we know many airlines in the world, as well as our training partner CAE, use this tool from Symbiotics for professional pilot screening. The ADAPT reports will help us to know more about our students and we use this to brief them and their parents about their capability to become professional pilots. ADAPT is used to recommend candidates most likely to graduate from training school before they commence pilot training."

With the plan to train 400 aviation personnel a year, comprising of Pilots and Flight Technicians, successful applicants will train at leading flight training institutes in America and Australia, also undergoing training at the VinAviation High-tech Human Resources Training School for 26 months.

Karen Moore, Managing Director and Chief Occupational Psychologist at Symbiotics says: "We are excited to be supporting VinGroup as they launch the VinAviation School and VinPearl Flight Training Centre. Vietnam is seeing a rapid growth in their aviation industry and is an expanding market for us, so we are pleased to be able to support the informed selection of candidates to meet the growing need for commercial Pilots in this region."

Vingroup students will graduate with CAAV (Vietnamese safety certification), FAA (U.S. certification) or EASA (EU certification) credentials and will have the opportunity to continue their studies at a university specialised in aviation management.

Symbiotics will be attending the Dubai Airshow and the Vietnam Aviation Expo over the coming weeks and look forward to meeting again with VinGroup, and other local aviation partners. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.