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Emma Akhurst features in the latest CAE Pilot Podcast

Jamie Reddish | 16.02.2021

Symbiotics' Lead ADAPT Psychologist was invited onto CAE's pilot podcast to discuss the ADAPT assessments in more detail, including what the process might involve, the different stages and how best to prepare ahead of going through the assessment process.

Pilot aptitude tests are an important part of any pilot assessment process, with airlines and training organisations using them as a way to predict a candidates likelihood to be a success throughout both the training process and in a career as a pilot.

The podcast goes into detail about what candidates going though this process can expect from pilot aptitude tests and what it is that those assessments are measuring. The podcast also contains Emma's top tips on how best to prepare for your pilot aptitude assessments and throughout the pilot recruitment process as a whole.

One of the key pieces of advice for candidates getting ready for their upcoming assessment, is to ensure they are as prepared as possible, which can involve gaining an understanding of what to expect during the assessments, research and familiarisation where possible, such as practice assessments. Practice assessments give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the pilot aptitude testing process, which in turn can help to reduce test-anxiety and therefore give you the opportunity demonstrate your true capability on the day.

More information on practice assessments can be found here -

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