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Practice Cadet Pilot Aptitude Tests in ADAPT

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Pilot aptitude tests are a hugely important element in your journey to becoming a pilot. They are used by Airlines and Aviation Training Organisations to predict how successful you are likely to be both during the training process and ultimately in your career as a pilot.

Take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the pilot aptitude testing process to help to reduce your test-anxiety and enable you to perform to the best of your ability on the day. Purchase three months access to our online ADAPT practice tests, featuring immediate reporting and personalised revision guidance.

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Cadet Pilot Aptitude Practice Test Bundles

These are practice versions of the assessments that it is likely you will be asked to complete during the recruitment process.

Cadet Knowledge Bundle

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Cadet Dexterity Bundle

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Cadet Essentials Bundle

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Cadet Insight Bundle

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'Aviation Interview Practice' and 'ADAPT Personality Questionnaire' products include a personal video call with a member of our psychology team, which we will contact you to arrange. We are currently taking bookings for WEEK COMMENCING JULY 08 2024. Please do not purchase this product if you require quicker feedback. For 'ADAPT Personality Questionnaire', you will not receive a copy of the report until you have completed this session. If you have any questions prior to making a booking, please contact a member of our team.

Alternatively you can purchase the assessments individually.

What is included?

Personality Questionnaire – this test provides an insight to your personality and the results are valid for 24 months. Personality is relatively stable and would not change within the 3 months' usage of our tests so is only accessible to take once. For bundles that include our APQ Personality questionnaire, you will also be able to book a feedback session with a member of our Psychology team who will provide you with insight into your report.

Knowledge tests – these tests provide a report of your knowledge strengths and weaknesses using a fixed set of practice questions. This means each time you take the test, you will be presented with the same question paper. Each test can be repeated up to a further 4 times. You have three months to take the tests so plenty of time for revision in between test attempts. This will allow you to focus your efforts on any weaker areas, refining your ability each time.

Dexterity tests – these tests measure your physical and mental skills in a dynamic setting and provide an environment to practice and refine your performance. You will have access to one test, which can be repeated 14 times.

Each bundle gives you 3 months' access to the ADAPT assessments from date of purchase and a computer or tablet is required to complete each practice test, however the FAST and Co-Ordination and Control tests can not be taken on a tablet.

Why buy a practice test or bundle?

3 Months' Usage up to test limit

Substantial Savings

Use of the ADAPT System

Instant Reports

Immediate Global Access

Increased Familiarisation

Reduced Anxiety

Revision Guidance

What happens next?

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay or Paypal, you will get instant access to your licence codes on the confirmation page.

On completion, where applicable your report and revision guidance will be ready to download. For bundles including the APQ or Mock Interview, the team will be in touch to arrange your remote interview and/or feedback call.

Feedback calls and practice interview appointments are conducted by our psychology team during UK standard working hours Monday to Friday. Appointments are offered on a first-come first-served basis and we will endeavour to find a slot that suits your time frame, however if you are completing this in advance of an assessment we recommend allowing 1-2 weeks.

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Should I take a Mock Interview?

It may be that you want to take a Practice Aviation Interview complete with feedback session to be as prepared as possible.

Aviation Interview Practice


A member of the psychology team will go through a mock aviation interview with you, during which you will receive up to 75 minutes of feedback and developmental advice.

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What Pilot Aptitude Assessments are likely to be involved in the cadet recruitment process?

Pilot aptitude tests are a hugely important step at the start of a pilots career, the assessment is used by airlines and aviation training organisations to determine if you have what it takes to be successful in the pilot training process and ultimately in your career as a pilot.

The tests have been designed to measure your skills and aptitudes including psychomotor, cognitive, problem solving and decision making skills, and can all be categorised as either Knowledge Tests, Aptitude Tests or Behavioural Tests. Knowledge Tests will test your level of understanding in a particular subject area such as Maths, Physics and English. Aptitude Tests will test your psycho-motor skills and your ability to multi-task with tests like FAST and Co-ordination. Behavioural Tests will look into your personality, preferences, behaviour and motivations through tests like the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire. The specific make up of the tests you will have to take will vary depending on the flight school however there is a very good chance it will be a variety of tests from all three classifications.

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How Should I Prepare for my Pilot Aptitude Assessments.

It is not always obvious how best to prepare for your assessments however one thing is certain, preparation is key. Research the flight school you are applying to as their may be information as to what will be involved in the process. We would recommend taking practice tests to familiarise yourself with the assessment process to help to be as prepared as possible as well as the following tips for each of the different classifications of tests

Knowledge – Go back to your GCSE (or equivalent) level text books and refresh your understanding of the different formulas and concepts. Be sure to practice calculations in your head and in your day to day activities, a great way to practice could be to add you shopping up as you go in the supermarket.

Aptitude – Try to take part in sports and activities such as Yoga, Aerobics or Team Sports, all of which can help to improve your co-ordination. Another approach could be to take part in hobbies such as model making, knitting or playing musical instruments to help to improve your fine motor skills. Online games with a joystick and catch can help to improve your hand eye co-ordination and try to practice multi-tasking.

Behavioural – There is no wrong answer to a behavioural test, they measure how we respond in certain situations so the only way to really prepare is to take a practice test to familiarise yourself with the process and to understand what is to be expected. The best advice we can give is to be sure to answer all of the questions open and honestly to give the best representation of yourself.