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Pilot Aptitude Testing for Helicopter Pilots

Psychological assessments aligned to ICAO pilot competencies for cadets and qualified pilots

Symbiotics Ltd

At Symbiotics we have extensive experience working with rotary operators on their pilot aptitude testing needs. We understand the different highly specialised environment that a helicopter pilot operates in and how this needs to be reflected in the pilot aptitude tests used by helicopter operators.

We combine our in-house technical capability with psychology skills and work with you to understand your specific requirements to help to ensure your candidates are an ideal fit for your organisations and that are likely to go on to excel in a role as a helicopter pilot within your organisation.

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Why Symbiotics?

Aligns with IATA guidance and best practice
Designed for helicopter pilots
Standardised and robust assessment and selection process driving informed decisions
Candidate reports that provide interview probes and training needs analysis feedback
High level matrix reports for large volumes of candidates to quickly and easily help you screen
Anti-cheating remote invigilation feature available
Gated assessment processes
Dashboards to easily review data and identify candidate assessment trends
Experienced psychology team that can provide additional support services if required including group exercises and interviews

Symbiotics has played a crucial role in our recruitment process by delivering a tailor made solution for BSP in a timely and flexible way to enable us to choose the right candidates. We are pleased with the constructive and open-minded think process which led to this assessment methodology for us.

Roland Fennis – Head of Training & Standards – Brunei Shell Petroleum

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A selection of our Helicopter clients

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Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is the largest oil and gas company in the Sultanate and uses ADAPT for its cadet assessments, allowing the organisation to select the most suitable cadet applicants to progress through their training pipeline and into the role of BSP pilot.

Are you a European AOC hiring pilots?

If you are based in Europe, Symbiotics can provide a simple solution that will support you with your compliance with the EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) for psychological profiling.

Our EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) online assessment programme is aligned to IATA's guidance material and best practices for pilot aptitude testing. It is quick and easy to get set up and is scalable to any size.

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