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Pilot Aptitude Testing for Commercial Airlines

Psychological assessments aligned to ICAO pilot competencies for cadets and qualified pilots

Symbiotics Ltd

At Symbiotics we understand what is expected of a pilot working for a commercial airline and that each airline has their own unique organisational culture and operational demands. With a vast level of experience working with airlines all around the globe, we are perfectly placed to be able to support you in designing and implementing an effective pilot aptitude testing process to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you are looking to recruit cadets for your cadet programme, hire direct entry captains and first officers to meet increasing or changing demands or assisting with your internal command upgrade process, we combine our knowledge of the industry with our in-house technical capability and psychological understanding to help ensure you hire individuals who have the potential to meet the demands of the role and are the right fit for your organisation.

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Why choose Symbiotics for your pilot aptitude tests?

Aligns with IATA guidance and best practice
Designed for commercial airlines
Standardised and robust assessment and selection process driving informed decisions
Reporting options that provide interview probes and training needs analysis feedback
High level matrix reports for large volumes of candidates to quickly and easily help you screen
Anti-cheating remote invigilation feature available
Gated assessment processes
Dashboards to easily review data and identify candidate assessment trends
Experienced psychology team that can provide additional support services if required including group exercises and interviews

Symbiotics solution tackled a number of the concerns that we had with remote proctoring, when we were thinking about it and If we transition from testing centres to Symbiotics remote proctoring solution, we would actually be saving a substantial amount of money by not having to pay for the testing centres.

Of course, we experienced some bumps along the way, but Symbiotics have been incredibly responsive in helping us work through these issues despite our time difference. They would investigate things on their end and either develop a work around for us or supply us with some extra guidance to provide to candidates to make the process as smooth as possible.

Overall, it was a very time efficient and cost effective solution for us to successfully test our Gateway Select candidates smoothly work through the recruitment cycle in what continues to be this very trying time.

Yael Oelbaum – Manager, People Data Insights – JetBlue Airways

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Are you a European AOC hiring pilots?

If you are based in Europe, Symbiotics can provide a simple solution that will support you with your compliance with the EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) for psychological profiling.

Our EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) online assessment programme is aligned to IATA's guidance material and best practices for pilot aptitude testing. It is quick and easy to get set up and is scalable to any size.

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