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Direct Entry Pilot Aptitude Practice Tests

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What are Direct Entry Pilot Aptitude Tests and when am I likely to experience them?

Pilot aptitude tests are a form of psychometric testing that provides an insight into your suitability for a particular role or training programme, by assessing the core pilot competencies set out by ICAO, in addition to any other key areas defined by the organisation of which you are applying.

There is a good chance that at this point in your career you will already have completed at least one, if not several, pilot aptitude tests. If you are a newly qualified pilot applying for your first job you are likely to have completed aptitude tests prior to being accepted into a flight training school and if you are an experienced pilot it is likely that you have had exposure to pilot aptitude testing throughout your career.

Before you join a new airline or operator, you will likely go through an assessment process so the organisation can gain an understanding of your skills and behaviour, to see if you are a suitable fit for them. This is beneficial for both you and the company, so you can be sure they are the right fit for you as well. You may continue to experience aptitude tests throughout your career, particularly if you move to a different fleet, upgrade to the LHS or move into a complimentary role such as instructing.

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What is included?

Personality Questionnaire – this test provides an insight to your personality and is valid for 24 months. Personality is relatively stable and would not change within the 3 months' usage of our tests so is only accessible to take once.

Knowledge tests – these tests provide a report of your knowledge strengths and weaknesses using a fixed set of practice questions. This means each time you take the test, you will be presented with the same question paper. Each test can be repeated up to a further 4 times. You have three months to take the tests so plenty of time for revision in between test attempts. This will allow you to focus your efforts on any weaker areas, refining your ability each time.

Dexterity tests – these tests measure your physical and mental skills in a dynamic setting and provide an environment to practice and refine your performance. You will have access to one test, which can be repeated 14 times.

Each bundle gives you 3 months' access to the ADAPT assessments from date of purchase and a computer or tablet is required to complete each practice test, however the FAST and Co-Ordination and Control tests can not be taken on a tablet.

Why buy a practice test or bundle?

Increased Familiarisation with Online Tests

Reduced Anxiety

Development Guidance

Instant Results

Easy Access on a Computer

What happens next?

On purchase of the bundle you will receive an email containing the licence codes required to access your tests.

The licence codes will remain valid for up to 3 months. On the completion of the Personality Questionnaire assessment you will be contacted by our team to schedule your feedback call. On the completion of that call you will be issued with your detailed report. For the other tests reports are issued immediately on completion.


Should I take a Mock Interview?

It may be that you want to take a Practice Aviation Interview complete with feedback session to be as prepared as possible.

Aviation Interview Practice


A member of our psychology team will go through a mock interview with you, featuring typical questions you may face as part of an organisation's recruitment process. The practice interview lasts 90-120 minutes, which includes practice questions and developmental feedback.

New Pilot Psychological Assessments from EASA

EASA have recently introduced their new Aircrew Medical Fitness Regulation which requires airlines to conduct psychological profiling of pilots for new hires. This has raised the importance of the pilot aptitude tests for AOC's and conducting them during the recruitment process is mandatory from February 2021.

If you are going through the recruitment process with an AOC, taking practice versions of the pilot aptitude tests can help you to familiarise yourself with how the tests work and the sort of questions you may be asked during the process. This can help to reduce test anxiety and allow you to perform at the best of your ability during your real assessment. Our practice tests come with a detailed report on how you have done on the assessment, which provides you with some development guidance going forward to help you to know where to focus your efforts.

What Pilot Aptitude Assessments are likely to be involved in the direct entry recruitment process?

It is likely that you will experience a range of different pilot aptitude tests. First and foremost, especially with the introduction of the new EASA aircrew medical fitness regulation, you are highly likely to be expected to take a personality questionnaire which will assess your individual preferences for styles of working. This is also likely to be supplemented with some form of cognitive reasoning assessment designed to assess your mental agility and will look into tests such as spatial awareness and pattern recognition. The process is also likely to include a form of Crew Resource Management assessment which looks to measure a candidate's non-technical skills in response to various situations; this may be assessed through an online assessment or through specific questions within the interview.

As well as these assessments, experienced pilots may be assessed on their ability to handle conflict, with organisations looking to see what your preferences are when managing and resolving a potential conflict situation. Pilots applying for their first job in the cockpit are likely to be tested on their aviation knowledge with recruiters looking to assess your knowledge in the 8 areas essential to good airmanship: Air Law, General Navigation, Human Performance, Instruments, Meteorology, Performance, Principles of Flight and Radio Navigation.

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How Should I Prepare for my Pilot Aptitude Assessments?

A good level of practice, preparation and research will stand you in as good a stead as possible when taking pilot aptitude tests.

It is not always obvious how best to prepare if you do not know exactly which tests you will be completing. However, research into the process can give you a better idea of what to expect and you may be able to find out the relevant information from the airline you are applying to. In our experience, this can vary depending on the position or level you are applying for, though there are some similarities because of the standardised competencies ICAO recommend assessing. These may include:

  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Preference-based questions, such as CRM depending on your experience level or conflict handling
  • Aptitude tests, such as cognitive reasoning and multi-tasking (FAST)

Practice your skills and develop your knowledge as much as possible, to increase your familiarity with assessments and tests and to give yourself the best chance when you do take the real assessment.