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Pilot Aptitude Testing for Aviation Training Organisations

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Symbiotics Ltd

At Symbiotics we understand the importance of screening candidates prior to them starting the pilot training process to predict how likely they are to be able to cope with the demands of pilot training.

The use of pilot aptitude testing can help to predict the success of a candidate, ensuring that the people accepted onto the course have the aptitude for learning as well as a good level of knowledge in areas such as maths and physics, to stand them in a good stead to be successful in the training, improving your pass rate and the overall quality of the candidates coming through your pilot training course, as well as improving the overall experience had by the candidates.

At Symbiotics we have extensive experience working with Aviation Training Organisations and what is required in the pilot aptitude testing process for people applying to join a flight school at a cadet level. We combine our in-house technical capability with psychology skills to help to ensure your candidates are likely to go on to be successful in your training programme and ultimately in their career as a pilot.

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Why choose Symbiotics for your pilot aptitude tests?

Aligns with IATA guidance and best practice
Designed for flight schools
Standardised and robust assessment and selection process driving informed decisions
Candidate reports that provide interview probes and training needs analysis feedback
High level matrix reports for large volumes of candidates to quickly and easily help you screen
Anti-cheating remote invigilation feature available
Gated assessment processes
Dashboards to easily review data and identify candidate assessment trends
Experienced psychology team that can provide additional support services if required including group exercises and interviews

Symbiotics has played a crucial role in our recruitment process by delivering a tailor made solution for BSP in a timely and flexible way to enable us to choose the right candidates. We are pleased with the constructive and open-minded think process which led to this assessment methodology for us.

Roland Fennis – Head of Training & Standards – Brunei Shell Petroleum

I had no prior experience with using psychological assessments prior to engaging Symbiotics to act as our contractor to do these tests on our crews. I have to say that I was really pleased with the results which far exceeded my expectations.

It has already provided highly detailed analysis of crew personalities and non-technical skills. The whole interaction with the sales personnel and analysts throughout has been thoroughly professionally and well handled by the Symbiotics team.

Keep up the great work! Well done!

John Norris, Director, AV8Jet

Are you looking for instructors?

High quality instructors can be the key to both candidate enjoyment levels and pass rates of a particular flight school and can set you apart from your competition, however they can be difficult to find and retain.

Pilot aptitude testing can be used to gather further insights into how likely someone is to be successful in the role of an instructor, looking at their instructing style and their motivations for becoming an instructor.

At Symbiotics we have a battery of tests specifically designed at an instructor level, each designed by our psychology team to predict how good a fit someone is for your organisation as well as how successful they are likely to be as an instructor and their likelihood to remain in the role for the long term.

A pilot instructing in a cockpit

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A selection of our Aviation Training Organisation clients

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Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is the largest oil and gas company in the Sultanate and uses ADAPT for its cadet assessments, allowing the organisation to select the most suitable cadet applicants to progress through their training pipeline and into the role of BSP pilot.
Working in partnership with a Training Academy providing fully flexible solutions.