Aviation Interview Practice


Symbiotics' Aviation Interview practice is designed to support candidates who are perhaps nervous or looking to prepare for a forthcoming interview. You will start the call with a 45-minute interview with one of our Psychologists, after which you will get up to 75 minutes of feedback and developmental advice for you to take forward into your interview in the aviation world.

You will get advice in the following areas:

  • CV Guidance
  • Self-presentation
  • Motivation
  • Understanding of the role and transition
  • Understanding of the employer or training organisation
  • Industry awareness
  • Role competencies
  • Self-awareness


This practice interview is for candidates in the aviation sector looking to practice their interview technique and gather feedback and developmental advice across a range of areas. We can focus the practice interview at any of the following levels, within the Commercial or Business Aviation sector.

  • Ab-initio (Cadet)
  • CPL Holder
  • Type Rated (Zero Time)
  • First Officer
  • Captain
  • Command Upgrade
  • Flight Attendant
  • Ex-Military

If you are looking to practice an interview for an alternative aviation role, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

User Requirements

This interview is conducted by video over Skype, therefore you will need access to a skype-enabled device with an internet connection, and working webcam and microphone. A laptop or computer is recommended, as these allow your hands to be free for note taking.

The call lasts for two hours, comprising of a 45-minute interview and up to a 75-minute feedback session. These interview practice calls will take place during UK working hours.

What happens next

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay, you will be sent an email with a selection of times to book your interview for.

Following confirmation of interview time and your Skype contact details, one of our Psychologists will call you at the assigned time.

For assistance during this process, please see support details provided in the Welcome email.

Taking the test

Whilst this call is done over Skype, it is advised that you are in a suitable and comfortable location for this to take place. We advise a you to have a hands-free connection to allow note taking, especially during the feedback session.

One of Symbiotics' Psychologists will call you at a pre-arranged time and will start with a 45-minute interview similar to the ones we run for our airline customers. Following this 45-minute interview, the feedback session commences which will last up to 75 minutes.


You will not receive a report at the end of the interview, as all feedback is covered within the last 75 minutes of the call.

Our Psychologists say

The opportunity to practice for an interview provides a number of benefits. A mock interview helps to reduce your stress and anxiety about the actual interview process, particularly if this is not something you have previously experienced. It will also provide you with constructive feedback, given in a supportive environment. Our psychologist will help you to understand how you can present yourself to the optimum, and give you specific guidance based on your performance in the mock interview. The mock interview also prepares you for the sort of questions you can expect to encounter in the real situation, so that you can answer more readily at the real event. However, we suggest you do not try to over-prepare your answers, as these can come across as lacking authenticity. Overall, the mock interview process is designed to boost your confidence when you get an interview with the company you want to work for.