Cognitive Reasoning Test – Foundation


This foundation-level test measures and assesses a candidate's aptitude on a range of psychometric tests including numerical and verbal reasoning, spatial and relationship reasoning and working memory.


Symbiotics' Cognitive assessment tests general intelligence, suggesting the individual's aptitude for learning across multiple presentations of information.

User Requirements

This Cognitive test is completed online, so candidates need access to a computer with internet access. The ability to listen to audio is also a requirement for this assessment, so if it is being undertaken as part of an assessment centre we would advise having headphones for each participant.

Are you looking to brush up on your cognitive reasoning skills? Candidates are able to purchase licences for individual usage here to allow verification of the test, or for practice prior to an assessment centre.

Buying multiple tests - do you need a corporate account? Speak to our sales team for bulk discounts on test purchases in preparation for a recruitment process or assessment centre. Once purchased, you will receive Licence codes to enable you to distribute the assessments to your candidates as required.

Each purchase provides you with five license codes, which will enable you to take the same test 5 times. You have 5 attempts at the same question paper. This will allow you to identify any potentially weak areas you may have and focus your efforts on these areas during the repeated assessments, refining your ability each time.

What happens next

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay, you will be sent a Welcome email containing licence codes for the purchased tests.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform.

If you / your participants have previously registered an account on our ADAPT platform and have a username and password, this licence code can be redeemed against existing accounts by logging in at If not, you / your participants will need to register a new account at, and enter the licence code during this process.

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, a report containing the results and how to interpret them will become available as a PDF download.

For assistance during this process, please see support details provided in the welcome email.

Taking the test

This test takes 30 minutes to complete and will finish after this time regardless of whether the candidate has answered all of the questions. It requires headphones or the ability to listen to audio.


The results of this test are provided as an overall score plus scores for each section, all normed and shown within a colour banding for easy identification of level. This will include some revision guidance notes to allow you to focus on any areas of weakness.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Taken as a whole, these cognitive reasoning tests look at general intelligence and hence aptitude for learning in an environment where information is presented in a variety of formats. The different elements are tested separately and the results reported for each, so that an individual's strengths and weaknesses can be identified. As well as the factors listed above, the test is also able to report on Perceptual Speed and Accuracy through our testing methodology.