Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire


Emotional Intelligence is recognised as a predictor of future performance in management effectiveness. Symbiotics' Emotional Intelligence questionnaire assesses the individual's ability to recognise emotion and ability to effectively regulate their behaviour.

Our model of Emotional Intelligence therefore looks at three areas: Emotions of the individual; emotions of others; emotions of the situation. These attributes provide an overall measure of an individual's emotional intelligence and also contain a measure of self-report management


This test can be applied within organisational settings where an individual will be required to empathise with others or adapt to the external environment.

User Requirements

This test has a psychological basis and therefore requires your team to have a certified staff member to be able to interpret and present back the results. It is only available to be purchased by businesses who have been trained in interpretation and feedback of the results.

Symbiotics offer Certification Training to provide you with the skills to be able to successfully interpret our Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires. This allows you to have the awareness to interpret the results clearly and make confident and accurate decisions based on the results.

If you wish to discuss your requirements with one of the Symbiotics team, get in touch to discuss your needs around bulk purchase and how our Psychologists can support you.

Buy the test with feedback

Are you looking to take this test for personal development or to understand your own strengths and weaknesses around recognising your emotions and regulating your behaviour?

You are able to purchase the test along with a 30 minute feedback session with one of our Psychologists. Feedback sessions will be conducted in English.

For individual purchases, a feedback telephone call conducted in English (ICAO level 4 recommended) will be arranged with one of our Psychologists to help you interpret your results.

What happens next

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay, you will be sent a Welcome email containing licence codes for the purchased tests.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform.

If you / your participants have previously registered an account on our ADAPT platform and have a username and password, this licence code can be redeemed against existing accounts by logging in at https://adapt2.symbioticsltd.co.uk. If not, you / your participants will need to register a new account at https://adapt2.symbioticsltd.co.uk/register, and enter the licence code during this process.

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, one of our Psychologists will be in touch to arrange a feedback session after which you will receive a copy of your report.

For assistance during this process, please see support details provided in the Welcome email.

Taking the test

This questionnaire is not timed, but it is advised that a candidate does not take more than 30 minutes to complete it. Once commenced, the candidate is unable to log out until all of the questions are answered. This test can be taken at home or at an assessment centre.


This test generates a report, which the Symbiotics team put together in easy-to-interpret sections and pass back to the customer. The report presents seven traits associated with Emotional Intelligence alongside a measure of the individuals impression management. These are normed against a comparison population and presented with text and development strategies to help increase capacity for emotionally intelligent interactions.

Our Psychologists say

Strong emotional Intelligence can help employees in current working environments: adapt to changing dynamic environments, work efficiently to help the organisation remain competitive and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Our Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire can be used on a personal level, to help individuals self-reflect and develop their coping strategies, and also in organisational settings, where insight into the workforce's emotional intelligence, can assist how change and pressure are brought about and managed. Developing an Emotionally Intelligent workplace is a strong foundation for providing an environment that supports mental wellbeing.