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Aviation Interview Practice

Be as prepared as possible for your upcoming aviation interview

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This product includes a personal video call with a member of our psychology team, which we will contact you to arrange. We are currently taking bookings for WEEK COMMENCING JULY 08 2024. Please do not purchase this product if you require quicker feedback.

Our Aviation Interview Practice is designed to support candidates who want to practice their interview technique prior to their actual interview. It will help you to prepare as fully as possible, help to reduce any stress, anxiety or nerves that you may have about an upcoming interview. The interviewer will also give you feedback and developmental advice during as the interview progresses.

You will get advice in the following areas:

  • CV Guidance
  • Self-presentation
  • Motivation
  • Understanding of the role and transition
  • Understanding of the employer or training organisation
  • Industry awareness
  • Role competencies
  • Self-awareness

The interview can be focussed at any of the following levels, within the commercial or business aviation sector; Ab-initio (Cadet), CPL Holder, Type Rated (Zero Time), First Officer, Captain, Command Upgrade, Flight Attendant and Ex-Military.

What is included?

Our Aviation Interview Practice sessions are designed to last up to two hours, which will include a mock interview session alongside feedback and developmental advice with a member of our psychology team. The feedback is issued throughout the entire call. After purchasing you will have 3 months to complete your Interview Practice session.

Practice interview slots are offered within UK working hours. We recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks ahead of your real interview to allow sufficient time to complete the session and implement any feedback.


  • PC/Laptop (the interview practice can be completed on a tablet)
  • Internet Connection
  • Teams, Zoom or Skype Enabled Device
  • Audio Output
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay or Paypal, you will get instant access to your licence codes on the confirmation page to allow us to tailor the interview to you.

The pre-interview questionnaire is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform. Simply login or register an account at

Upon completion of the pre-assessment you will be sent an email with a selection of times to book your interview practice session and you will be able to select your preferred medium (Skype, Zoom or Teams). A member of our psychology team will call you through the selected medium at the assigned time.


There is no specific report for this as you will receive live feedback throughout the interview practice session.

Advice from our Psychologists

The opportunity to practice for an interview provides a number of benefits. A mock interview helps to reduce your stress and anxiety about the actual interview process, particularly if this is not something you have previously experienced. It will also provide you with constructive feedback, given in a supportive environment.

A member of our psychology team will help you to understand how you can present yourself to the optimum, and give you specific guidance based on your performance in the mock interview. The mock interview also prepares you for the sort of questions you can expect to encounter in the real situation, so that you can answer more readily at the real event.

However, we suggest you do not try to over-prepare your answers, as these can come across as lacking authenticity. Overall, the mock interview process is designed to boost your confidence when you get an interview with the company you want to work for.