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A clinically validated mental health risk assessment tool.

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MindQ™, helps to identify any potential mental health conditions that you may be at risk from allowing you to be directed to the appropriate support.

The test assesses life dissatisfaction, stress coping, emotional distress, substance abuse and is RAG rated for ease of use.

What is included?

You will receive one attempt at MindQ which features over 90 questions, which although there is no official time limit should take you around 15 minutes to complete. The test comes with a 30 minute feedback call with a member of our psychology team. After purchasing you will have 3 months to take your practice test.

You will receive a report on your responses either during your feedback session or after it is completed.

This is a mental health risk asssessment questionnaire and is designed to provide an insight into your current level of well-being at the time of taking the questionnaire. Purchase includes one attempt at the questionnaire and a follow-up feedback call.


  • PC/Laptop (the test is tablet compatible)
  • Internet Connection
  • Audio output for the feedback call (Via telephone, or Teams/Skype)

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay or Paypal, you will get instant access to your licence codes on the confirmation page.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform. Simply login or register an account at

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, a member of our psychology team will be in touch to arrange a feedback session after which you will receive a copy of your report.


Our psychologists generate a report following this test, identifying where on the wellness scale you are across different areas.

If required, Symbiotics can provide links to further support and information or give details or an introduction to one of our partner support agencies.

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Advice from our Psychologists

Early identification of any mental health issues you may be at risk from allows you to be provided with the support you need to prevent these issues from becoming significant.