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Motivation Drivers Test

Designed to provide an insight into your motivations and key drivers.

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Our motivation Drivers questionnaire is designed to develop a level of understanding which can help you to maximise opportunities presented to you and improve your performance and engagement in the workplace, helping you to understand which of the 10 key motivational factors drive you and to what level.

What is included?

You will receive one attempt at the Motivation Drivers Test which features 36 questions, which although there is no official time limit should take you around 30 minutes to complete. After purchasing you will have 3 months to take your practice test.

You will receive a report detailing how you have done on the test upon completion.

This is a personality questionnaire and is designed to provide an insight into your personality, and the results are valid for 24 months. Personality is relatively stable and unlikely to change within the 3 months' usage of our test so only one attempt at the test is required.


  • PC/Laptop (the test is tablet compatible)
  • Internet Connection

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay or Paypal, you will get instant access to your licence codes on the confirmation page.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform. Simply login or register an account at

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, a report containing the results and how to interpret them will become available as a PDF download.


The results of this test provide an indicator of your level of preference for each motivation driver, scored against a comparison group.

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Advice from our Psychologists

Your level of motivation can impact your focus and engagement with an activity. Individuals with a strong understanding of their key motivation drivers are likely to have greater success achieving their goals. If you have a strong understanding you are more likely to be committed and a resilient and proactive team member within a team and organisation.