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Pilot Readiness Indicator Test

Do you have what it takes to be a pilot?

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Our Pilot Readiness Test is designed to assess relevant areas to pilot training and identify any areas that you are stronger or weaker in so you can establish where you are in your journey to becoming a pilot and can focus your preparation prior to applying to a flight school.

The Pilot Readiness Test consists of a range of questions from our pilot aptitude tests each selected to allow us to identify your pilot readiness level. The test features Maths, English, Cognitive and Physics questions. Upon completion of the test, you will receive a report containing your results and further information and guidance around the pilot aptitude testing process that you will experience in the journey to becoming a pilot.

What is included?

You will receive one attempt at the Pilot Readiness Test which features 48 questions. The test has a time limit of 74 minutes.

The Pilot Readiness Test consists of four topics:
Maths - 12 questions, split across 3 difficulty levels, with a time limit of 20 minutes
English - 12 questions, with a time limit of 20 minutes
Physics - 12 questions, split across 3 difficulty levels, with a time limit of 20 minutes
Cognitive - 12 questions, across 6 specific elements (Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Perception Speed and Accuracy

This test has fixed questions so multiple purchases will receive the same set of questions.


  • PC/Laptop
  • Internet Connection

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the secure online payment through Worldpay or Paypal, you will get instant access to your licence codes on the confirmation page.

The assessment is accessed by redeeming the licence code on our ADAPT platform. Simply login or register an account at

The test can then be taken through the ADAPT platform. Once the test is completed, a report containing the results and how to interpret them will become available as a PDF download.


This test generates an easy to interpret report which features your results and further information on pilot aptitude tests

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Advice from our Psychologists

Pilot aptitude tests are an extremely important part of the process for becoming a pilot as they are used by airlines and flight schools to assess how likely you are to be successful in your training. With the flight training process requiring a substantial investment, our Pilot Readiness Test can give you an indication as to how ready you are to start the application process, take the pilot aptitude tests and begin your training.