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Types of Assessment

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Symbiotics provide a variety of types of assessment to meet every customer need. Click on one of the different test types below to find out more information about what is on offer across Symbiotics' range of online assessments.

Are you looking to customise your tests or better understand which assessment types would be most suitable for your needs? Get in touch with one of the team to talk through what you are looking to achieve and let us help you put your assessment suite together.

Find out more about our assessment types:

Knowledge Tests

Physical Behaviour Tests

Career Development Tests

Mental Wellbeing Tests

Aptitude Tests

Leadership & Management Tests

Personality Tests

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Knowledge Tests

Symbiotics have a range of tests designed to test the knowledge levels of a candidate over a range of academic and practical / industry-specific subjects.

Knowledge tests can help to identify required areas of learning within internal departments, as well as to check the skills of potential candidates in a recruitment process. Our knowledge tests can save a business time and wasted effort by identifying any candidates without the necessary level of knowledge in areas such as Maths or English.

Each set of questions is generated randomly from Symbiotics' question banks which means that all candidates will receive a unique test of equal difficulty, whilst maintaining security of the assessment process.

Includes: Maths, Physics, English and Aviation Knowledge.

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Physical Behaviour Tests

Symbiotics can offer you a range of specific behavioural tests to help simulate the stressors of workplace scenarios. These can be specific to your job role or industry, with our existing tests already being used widely within the aviation marketplace.

Whether you are looking to identify specific behaviours, understand how someone works under pressure or monitor reactions to a range of external stressors, Symbiotics can develop a test to highlight these responses. Supported by our Psychology team for observation and reporting, these tests can help to identify the ideal candidates for recruitment or promotion based on the specific needs of the role.

Includes: Control and Co-Ordination, Future Aptitude Selection Tool.
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Career Development Tests

Symbiotics have a range of career development tests to help identify and assist both personal progression and internal processes or progression within an organisation. These include skills and aptitude testing as well as leadership styles and potential career derailers or risks.

Career Development tests can be used to help identify areas of personal development or potential career 'trip hazards' which could have an effect on promotion likelihood or role progression. The identification of these areas of potential weakness can allow for development and training plans to be put together and implemented both on a personal and team level as, along with Symbiotics' consultancy services, any wider areas of required learning can be identified.

Includes: CreativityQ, Motivational Drivers.

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Mental Wellbeing Tests

Working in partnership with MHS Assessments, Symbiotics are delighted to be offering MindQ™ which is a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment tool.

Our mental wellbeing questionnaire is clinically validated and helps to identify people who might be at risk of a mental health condition. This can allow individuals to be directed to the appropriate support to assist them personally, as well as helping reduce risk and increase productivity as a business. This is not a diagnostic test, but identifies those areas of stress that are having an impact on the individual and reducing their mental wellbeing. Stress can arise both inside and outside the work environment, but will impact on the ability to perform the job role effectively. Early intervention safeguards the individual's mental wellbeing, with the benefit of minimising the impact on their work.

Find out more about MindQ™ and our mental wellbeing services.

Includes: MindQ™,

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Aptitude Tests

Symbiotics have a range of aptitude tests to help measure an individual's natural talents and cognitive abilities for doing and learning to do.

This sort of cognitive testing process can help a business to measure work-related cognitive capacity and a candidate's suitability for a role or training. For example our cognitive assessment can identify how well someone can draw conclusions from situations through cognitive or verbal reasoning, or test spatial reasoning for presumed ability to undertake roles where a high level of spatial awareness is required.

Aptitude tests are designed to identify not only the current skills of an individual but also their likelihood of being able to pick up new skills quickly. This can help with all stages of someone's career from recruitment through to personal development and promotion. Identifying who is likely to be able to assimilate additional skills or procedures with ease can assist with the efficient hire of team members, as well as with internal procedures such as the setup of new teams.

Includes: FAST, Logical Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning , Cognitive Reasoning and Fault Diagnosis.

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Leadership & Management Tests

Our range of leadership and management tests are used to identify both the people and traits that will help make your leadership teams great. These can form part of your process from initial selection through to promotion or team / project leadership opportunities.

These tests help to identify different aspects of personality and how these are applied to leadership and the workplace, requiring self-reflection alongside scenario management. Using the guidance that this provides you can ensure that your team, especially in positions of seniority, embody the values of your company as well as possessing the right attributes and skills to succeed.

Symbiotics also offer a test which helps to identify potential career 'derailers' which businesses can use to identify training requirements and put together progression plans for individuals. Called 'Preferences under Pressure' it helps to predict the ways in which an individual will perform when stress impacts the ability to maintain behaviours.

Our aviation-specific Crew Resource Management assessment examines how someone interacts with colleagues in different situations, identifying people skills and allowing smarter promotion and training.

Includes: Instructor Capability, Conflict Handling, Crew Resource Management, Aspects Leadership Questionnaire and Preferences under Pressure.

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Personality Tests

Symbiotics have a psychology team who write and support the implementation of their personality questionnaires. Offering both a general personality questionnaire and a leadership questionnaire, we are able to help identify candidates with the right fit for both teams and promotion. These tests are applicable across a variety of roles and industries and have specialist sections that are appropriate to high risk environments where the ability to perform under pressure is vital.

Personality Questionnaires can help to identify the preferred working style of an individual, which can highlight the sort of role to which they are best suited as well as management styles and methods of working. This can help with the more efficient make-up of a team as well as providing personnel insight when it comes to promotion and team leadership decisions.

Includes: ADAPT Personality Questionnaire, Emotional Intelligence.