Practice Pilot Aptitude Tests in ADAPT

Familiarise yourself with the pilot aptitude testing process, remove test-anxiety and demonstrate your true capability.

Purchase three months access to our online ADAPT practice tests, featuring immediate reporting and personalised revision guidance notes.

Experience the type of test and questions so that when you take your assessment you are prepared.

What is included?

Personality Questionnaire – this test provides an insight to your personality and is valid for 24 months. Personality is relatively stable and would not change within the 3 months' usage of our tests so is only accessible to take once.

Knowledge tests – these tests provide a report of your knowledge strengths and weaknesses using a fixed set of practice questions. This means each time you take the test, you will be presented with the same question paper. Each test can be repeated up to a further 4 times. You have three months to take the tests so plenty of time for revision in between test attempts. This will allow you to focus your efforts on any weaker areas, refining your ability each time.

Dexterity tests – these tests measure your physical and mental skills in a dynamic setting and provide an environment to practice and refine your performance. You will have access to one test, which can be repeated 14 times.

Each bundle gives you 3 months' access to the ADAPT assessments from date of purchase and a computer or tablet is required to complete each practice test, however the FAST and Co-Ordination and Control tests can not be taken on a tablet.

What Happens Next

On purchase of the tests you will receive an email containing the licence codes required to access your bundle.

On completion, where applicable your report and revision guidance will be ready to download. For bundles including the APQ or Mock Interview, the team will be in touch to arrange your remote interview and/or feedback call.

User Experience

Please view out Resource page to see a wealth of information that can help you. We have downloadable literature on the benefilts of online Adapt, videos on user experiences along with other useful information.

What our users have to say

From the point of purchasing the Interview Practice package to the actual session everything was clearly laid out and easy to follow through on. The response time in email communication was very swift and the flexibility on assessment date and time helped greatly. The actual session went smoothly in terms of the technical skype (no lag or microphone/camera issues). The feedback received during the session was constructive and extremely useful in identifying weak areas in need of improvement, it was formative in nature and that allowed for it to be adapted to answer most interview questions that could potentially be asked.
Lucas Constantinos, Aviation Interview Practice Session, March 2020

ADAPT Online Pilot Aptitude Testing

The path to becoming a pilot is both challenging and highly rewarding. Early in the process, you will be required to undertake and pass a number of specially designed tests to demonstrate you have the aptitude and traits to succeed in the training and in a career as a pilot.

We have a global footprint in the aviation market place, working in over 50 countries to deliver fair, unbiased and reliable psychological testing for aviation. We are trusted by flight training organisations, business jet operators and airlines in over 50 countries across the world.

Our clients use the ADAPT solution to conduct pilot aptitude testing to identify individuals that have the potential to succeed in the role of a pilot. Our tests can predict at this early stage the future performance of candidates as defined by ICAO's pilot competencies.

Our assessments are designed to measure your skills and aptitudes including Psychomotor, Cognitive, Problem Solving and Decision-Making skills. Our behavioural assessments, including the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire, are designed to assess your psychological profile, suitability for the training as well as your motivation, pressure management and coping strategies. We also provide knowledge tests including Maths and Physics in an aviation context and English Language. Added to this is FAST (Future Aptitude Selection Tool), which tests physical and cognitive skills in a demanding multi-tasking exercise and our Co-ordination and Fixed Wing tests. Learn more about each of our aviation pilot aptitude tests

For our client's formal assessments, we generate tests with varying content for every student taking the test so that they cannot be replicated or shared to prevent cheating. Our tests have been created by a team of psychologists using genuine and authentic measures.

It may not always be obvious how to best prepare as airlines and training schools do not always provide details of the specific aptitude tests you will undertake during the assessment process In our experience, most assessments follow similar subjects, therefore we recommend the following key practice tests in order to improve your chance of being successful: Maths, Physics, Cognitive Reasoning, English (if English is not your first language), Multi-tasking (FAST) and Hand-Eye Co-Ordination.

Pilot Competencies and the PAT process

The Aviation Industry and ICAO have identified 8 pilot competencies that every professional pilot should develop during training and deploy throughout their professional career, these are:

  1. Application of procedures and compliance with regulations
  2. Communication
  3. Aeroplane flight path management automation
  4. Aeroplane flight path management manual control
  5. Leadership and teamwork
  6. Problem solving and decision making
  7. Situational awareness and management of information
  8. Workload management.

If you are interested to read more about how Symbiotics testing process aligns with IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for Pilot Aptitude Testing, you can read it here.

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Measuring Pilot Competencies

When measuring pilot aptitude, the below dimensions are tested as they directly relate to the ICAO pilot competencies.

English language proficiency

ICAO level 4 is the minimum standard that is acceptable for Pilots. You will need to be able to achieve this in order to be successful in the role.

Composite mental abilities

This covers allocation of attention, multi-tasking, psycho motor abilities and spatial abilities. When looking at aircraft flight path management, manual control and automation these abilities are highly relevant.

Social-interpersonal abilities

This includes ability to communicate, ability to operate in a leadership role and teamworking.

Basic mental abilities

This includes looking at memory capacity, speed and accuracy, information processing, spatial abilities, technical comprehension, reasoning, logic and long-term concentration.

Operational Abilities

This includes decision making, problem solving, workload management and situational awareness.

Personality Traits

This is to look at professionalism, safety, motivation, stress-coping, information load, time pressure and application of procedures and compliance with regulations.

You can find out more about how Symbiotics assessments are used with the Pilot Aptitude testing process here.

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Useful information for your application.

There are usually multiple stages to your application process which can include a CV sift, pre-selection online tests and finally an assessment centre which can include a combination of computer tests, group exercise, behavioural assessment and interview.

The cost to train to become a Pilot is a significant investment averaging between £70,000-100,000. There are three routes to obtaining a pilot license that will enable you to get a job with an airline:

  • Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)
  • Integrated ATPL Programme
  • Modular

Integrated and Modular provide you with the same ATPL license. MPL provides a frozen ATPL license and is designed for flying a specific aircraft for a specific airline.

Training is divided into flying hours (actual flying and on simulators) and ground school.

You need to do your research and look at what you think will work best for your timeframes, budget and learning style. You can find out more information on each option from BALPA. There are many flight training organisations that you can train with so it is important that you understand the benefits each will offer you.

Commercial pilots require a class 1 medical certificate to demonstrate they have a good level of medical fitness, good eyesight and hearing, this is required annually.

Continuous assessment is part of a pilot's lifestyle so be prepared for it.

We wish you all the best in your pilot training journey.