Psychometric tests and assessments

We offer open and certified user tests. Our open tests can be used by anyone as no interpretation of results are required, examples of these are our knowledge-based tests. Our certified tests are for use by individuals who are an approved test user on our register. Find out how to become accredited to interpret our certified tests.

If you have a specific requirement we will work with you to create a bespoke assessment programme tailored to the needs of your role and company culture.

To learn more about our tests, including what happens after you purchase a test, please click on the "More info" icons below.

Our Psychologists will go through a mock airline interview with you, after which you will receive up to 75 minutes of feedback including developmental advice.

The Aviation Knowledge test assesses a candidate's knowledge of basic aviation concepts and is ideal for assessing pilots looking to advance into new roles.

This online hand-eye co-ordination test measures your ability to accurately control a dynamic object (ball). This test requires a joystick.

Cognitive Reasoning test assesses an individual's mental agility, looking at areas such as spatial awareness and pattern recognition.

CreativityQ© looks at where individuals are on the creativity scale, identifying whether they are adaptive or innovative.

Our English test assesses an individual's English knowledge and comprehension.

An aviation-specific assessment designed to test physical and cognitive skills in a multi-tasking environment.

This test explores a candidate's attention to detail and ability to identify faults.

This is the client version of the test, which is not available for purchase outside of an assessment programme to maintain the test integrity.

Our Instructor Capability Assessment looks at the individual's approach to instructing, through exploring their preferred instructional aptitude and styles.

Our Logical Reasoning assessment tests an individuals' capabilities in both inductive and deductive reasoning.

The Progressive Maths test assesses an individual's Maths knowledge and ability as opposed to Numerical Reasoning.

We are continuing to develop and expand our range of tests on offer and will soon be offering Mechanical Reasoning. Keep checking the Symbiotics website for the latest updates and to be one of the first to take our new test.

This questionnaire helps individuals understand what their key motivational drivers are.

This Progressive Physics test is used to test an individual's physics knowledge and application.

This in-depth process provides clients with a comprehensive report on applicants comprising of aviation-specific assessments, covering simulations and interviews.

This in-depth process is put together to provide a comprehensive report on candidates likelihood to succeed in training and/or the role.