Conflict Handling Questionnaire


This assessment uses scenario-based questions to assess a candidate's preferences when managing and resolving a potential conflict situation. It identifies whether a candidate is likely to have a fight or flight response, providing insight into workplace suitability.


This assessment forms part of our Bluelight and General Assessment suites supporting recruitment and HR processes.

It is also suitable for individuals who wish to understand their preferred conflict management style, to assist with their personal development.

User Requirements

Are you looking to understand your own conflict management style? Candidates can purchase an individual license. You will receive a licence code to allow you access to the system, which will enable you to undertake the assessment.

Buying multiple tests - do you need a corporate account? Speak to our sales team for bulk discounts on test purchases in preparation for a recruitment process or assessment centre. Once purchased, you will receive Licence codes to enable you to distribute the assessments to your candidates as required.

Licence codes are for single use only and the assessment must be completed within 3 months.

Taking the test

The questionnaire is completed online and is untimed, though we advise that candidates should complete all questions in 30 – 40 minutes.


This is not a 'pass/fail' assessment, a report is generated identifying how the candidate is likely to deal with conflict. The results of this assessment are provided as scores for each criterion which fits are normed against the relevant population, shown in a colour banding for easy identification of level.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Individuals respond differently in conflict situations, and knowing how a candidate prefers to respond and whether this is likely to be appropriate or unhelpful can be a determining factor in their suitability for a particular role.