Future Aptitude Selection Tool (FAST)


This is an online screening tool that measures a candidate's ability to manage a dynamic environment. Future Aptitude Selection Tool (FAST) is generally used as a precursor to an assessment centre or acceptance onto a training programme, helping to identify those applicants most likely to be successful across the course.


FAST is a pre-selection or screening tool that can provide insight into a candidate's potential and natural aptitude or likelihood to succeed within aviation. Frequently used as part of the ab-initio training selection process, the success of a candidate in the FAST assessment is an initial indicator of their likelihood to graduate from the training pipeline.

This is the client version of the test, which is not available for purchase by individual users or outside of an assessment programme to maintain the test integrity. There are multiple versions of the test to ensure repeatability and to prevent shared learning at an assessment day, ensuring that you get a genuine picture of a candidate's aptitude and learning.

User Requirements

FAST is available online and is used widely as an initial test of physical and cognitive skills in a multi-tasking environment. If you are looking for a practice version of FAST please click here.

This test is not available to be purchased through our ecommerce system to allow us to protect the integrity of this for our clients. Speak to our sales team to purchase this test in preparation for a recruitment process or assessment centre. Once purchased, you will receive Licence codes to enable you to distribute the assessments to your candidates as required. Licence codes are for single use only and will be valid for 3 months.

Taking the test

FAST takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and requires the ability to listen to audio throughout.


There are different elements to FAST and as such it shouldn't be taken by an individual in isolation without support with interpretation of the outcome.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

FAST is a complex tool that requires the test taker to deal with multiple information sources simultaneously, replicating the intense and demanding work environment experienced by pilots.