Pilot Assessment Programme


This provides clients with a rounded picture of a candidate from the assessments, simulations and interviews throughout the day.

Symbiotics team of accredited assessors run these assessment days for you, ensuring that the process meets the British Psychological Society standards for assessment centres. This is how you know that you are getting the best picture of the candidates, as well as validated feedback and reporting to help with your decision making process.


This day incorporates a number of tests and assessments for selection and assessment of candidates for initial training or command upgrade.

This assessment day includes our 'Fixed Wing' and / or 'Rotary Wing' situational judgement assessments, using simulation software to assess flying skill. Given the high cost of a full flight simulator, these tests have proved themselves as cost effective environments for predicting the potential to succeed of would-be pilots.

User Requirements

This is a full assessment process which requires the input of the Symbiotics team for the setup and running of the day, as well as with the feedback and interpretation of the results.

Speak to the Symbiotics Sales Team to create your assessment package and to ensure that you are getting the most suitable deal for your organisation.

Taking the test

Symbiotics work with you to organize the assessment programme, including assistance with finding suitable off-site locations if required. We will make sure that Licence codes for all online tests are distributed in good time, with the room and all equipment set-up and tested prior to the candidates' arrival.

Candidates are sometimes required to undertake some of the assessments prior to attendance, then on arrival at the assessment centre they are greeted and introduced to the Symbiotics team. The day progresses in a pre-agreed format, with all activities being led and explained by the assessors as it goes on.


A comprehensive report is provided on each candidate, breaking down the results from each section of the day and providing overall recommendations around likelihood of success in training, or suitability for the role.

Our Psychologists say

Like all good assessment processes, the Pilot Assessment Programme makes use of a number of different testing methodologies to enable all candidates to demonstrate their capability to their best. All the assessors are trained and highly experienced, and the process meets the BPS Standards for Assessment Centres.