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MINDQ is a clinically validated online mental health risk assessment to identify early issues in Pilot mental health.

Symbiotics Ltd

The assessment covers life dissatisfaction (material, job, personal), stress coping risks, emotional distress (anxiety and depression) and substance abuse risk. The test identifies those areas that are having an impact on the individual and reducing their mental wellbeing.

Furthermore our Mindful product provides you with the ability to assess and monitor an individuals' mental health over time.

We recommended this assessment is taken 2-3 times per year. Unless used as part of the recruitment hiring process, feedback session are required for individuals depending on their results.

Number of Questions:
Time Limit:
No set time limit (10 minutes recommended)
Invigilator Required:
Joystick Required:

Is an Invigilator Required?

Optional Invigilator Symbiotics offer a Remote Invigilation Solution which allows an invigilator to be present during the tests to increase the reliability of the results. Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

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