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Pilot Aptitude Testing (PAT)

Measuring pilot potential in potential pilots

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Navigating pilot selection aligning to IATA standards

Demonstrate alignment with IATA guidance and industry best practices with Symbiotics Pilot Aptitude Testing (PAT) solutions.

Not all selection processes are equal and Symbiotics can help organisations to deliver PAT systems within their company that follow best practice guidelines as detailed by IATA, including the measurement of the ICAO 8 pilot competencies in a robust and effective way.

How do we comply with IATA third edition guidance material?

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Identifying suitable candidates with Symbiotics comprehensive Pilot Aptitude tests

In order to gain an understanding of a candidate's potential success in a specific role, we have a range of online tests and services tailored to your bespoke needs.

In line with the ICAO core pilot competencies, these include assessments covering areas such as leadership, teamwork, workload management, personality and many more.

We work with regulators and national aviation authorities to support compliance with regulations including EASA.CAT.GEN.MPA.175(b) for Pilot Psychological Assessments and DGCA Medical Circular 01 of 2023.

To explore our tests please review our catalogue:

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We make candidate selection and assessment easier

We offer a comprehensive PAT process that supports all elements of your organisation's procedures. This ranges from providing online test licences and embedding candidate screening management systems into your own system, through to providing technical support for your online tests, analysis of data (i.e. for regional and role comparisons) and much more.

We offer a range of psychological consultancy services that can help you. Tailor your PAT process to match your Airline, ATO or specific organisational culture and desired traits. Our customisable solution can involve profiling of your organisation and bespoke scoring frameworks implementation or training your team in best practice interviewer training.

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Working With Partners: Combining Proven & Innovative Technical Solutions

Symbiotics were delighted to be approached by the Airline Pilot Club (APC) on behalf of Avianca to support them in streamlining their recruitment campaign. Working together, we supported Avianca who sought backing with their vision of creating a cultural profile of the optimum Avianca pilot in support of their pilot recruitment programme selection process. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Symbiotics are proud to partner with a number of companies across the aviation industry. Please click here if you're interested in learning more about becoming a partner.

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Are You Ready To Talk?

If you would like to find out how we can help you with your assessment needs, please contact us and one of our sales team will be in touch to understand your requirements. We can quickly and easily set up a trial account for you to have a look around the ADAPT system and experience some of our specific tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Symbiotics will work closely with you to define your requirements and will make recommendations on the most appropriate ADAPT assessment battery. This can be supported by a job analysis or organisational profile where there is not an existing competency framework within the organisation, to ensure the assessment criteria are tailored to the specific requirements of the operator.

The organisation must decide on the scope of their selection process and how PAT fits into this. The bespoke nature of ADAPT means that organisations can use the various ADAPT assessments from the beginning to the end of the selection process, or as one stage of a wider selection protocol, as per their requirements.

Symbiotics' Online ADAPT tests are designed to be delivered and submitted anywhere in the world through our online system, so can be administered by the client organisation. While some tests require supervision or the presence of trained experts, others can be performed unsupervised from the candidate's home. Symbiotics provide training and documentation to support test administration and interpretation of results.

Symbiotics is focused on continual improvement of our systems and as such, will conduct regular reviews of our assessments to identify any changes that may need to be made, as the industry and associated requirements evolve over time.

We can also support our Clients in evaluating the effectiveness and predictive validity of their assessment process, through measuring the training outcomes and ongoing performance of candidates against the initial selection criteria.

ADAPT does not pass or fail candidates; the process will provide a detailed breakdown of candidate performance and a recommendation to the organisation, based on statistical scoring models, to support them in making the final hiring decision.