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Our aim is to address your requirements in the most effective and efficient way utilising computer-based tests delivered through our ADAPT platform and/or services from our psychology team, ranging from specific tests to complement your existing process, through to fully outsourced screening and selection programmes.

Using our online test system ADAPT, Symbiotics are able to provide you with an easy to use software interface for our tests and comprehensive reporting across all of our assessments.

Our Online Tests

Our online tests have been developed by our psychology team and our in-house development team to act as an ideal mechanism to initially sift candidates, reducing the cost of running assessment days and allowing you to identify candidates with the right potential to take through to the next stage.

We have a range of ready-to-go tests that are suitable for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Instructors, Managers and Technicians and we can integrate with your existing tests or we can work with you to develop new tests to cover your specific needs.

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ADAPT tests on several monitors

Why use online tests?

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Savings in time and money

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Global reach

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Immediate access

Customisation for what matters to you

We are highly versatile in what we can offer and are able to support you through the process of creating a bespoke assessment programme to meet your requirements. Our existing tests can be tailored to the level of candidate you are assessing, your organisational culture, values and competencies. Candidates are benchmarked against industry standards or can be normed/stenned against your specific population to ensure results are tailored to your requirements. We can add your own corporate tests to our ADAPT portal to enhance your current processes and support a seamless candidate and admin experience.

Worry-free set up and training

Whether you have existing assessment facilities and IT equipment, or you are starting from scratch, we can help you get up and running. Our simple Getting Started guides and comprehensive reference materials, ensure you are comfortable with how our solutions work and how to operate them.

During the initial assessment sessions, we will monitor the programme and review results, ensuring the programme is operating effectively for your needs. Adjustments to assessment criteria can be made during this period and applied to existing candidate results. Regular reviews with you mean and concerns are addressed quickly and effectively.

Specialist support whenever you need it


Our software development teams strive to maintain our solutions to deliver best in class performance and availability. Should you need it, our technical team offers advice and assistance to resolve and operational issues regardless of your location.

Aviation Psychology

Ongoing research and development means we continuously ensure appropriateness of existing tests, seek improvement, and develop new tests and reports to meet new demands, through combined psychology and subject matter expertise.


Our customer support team is on hand to support you and your candidates; from day to day assistance to managing the entire assessment process including organising and scheduling candidate interviews.

The ADAPT Experience

What does the ADAPT software solution look like for you and your candidates? The below videos give you an introduction to the administration and client side of our ADAPT assessment platform as well as a brief overview of the candidate and user test experience.

Your Administrative Experience

Client Screenshot

Your Candidate's Experience

Candidate Screenshot

Try the ADAPT System for Yourself

The demo gives you immediate access to the ADAPT Client Portal where you can see first hand what the interface looks like and explore what features the system has to offer.

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What are the different types of assessments

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Knowledge Tests

Designed to measure the amount of academic or theoretical understanding you have in a particular subject, and your ability to apply the relevant concepts in this area through calculations or analysis of information.

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Aptitude Tests

Ability tests are designed to measure a particular set of skills, or your potential to learn and develop a particular set of skills, to predict your future performance in training and on the job-related tasks where the skill in question is required.

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Behavioural Tests

These types of tests are designed to measure personality traits, individual preferences and behaviour that influence suitability for a particular role and/or organisation.

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Online Interview with one of our Psychology team

An online interview is used to sound out the veracity of the outputs from the self-report questionnaires, and to delve further into the motivation and levels of resilience of the candidate.

Please click here to find out more about our Online Interview with a member of our Psychology team.

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Onsite Candidate Assessment

Symbiotics can provide candidate assessments at your premises.

Please click here to find out more about our Onsite Candidate Assessment.

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Group Exercise

Symbiotics can provide group exercise either at your premises or remotely.

Please click here to find out more about our group exercises.

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Hire the right people not just for each role, but for your business.

Please click here to find out more about our Profiling.

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Our dashboards allow you to quickly and easily look at a high-level view of your results. They also give you the opportunity to compare results across different groups of people which can be segmented in several different ways such as age, gender or demographics.

The dashboards make it easy for you to look at variances, analyse what is happening and potentially put a solution in place further down the line. They also allow you to present the data how you want making analysis of the data as easy as possible.

Remote Invigilation Solution

Have complete confidence in your remote assessments, our Remote Invigilation Solution allows you to have an invigilator present in your online assessments, reducing the risk of cheating and alloeing you to have a much higher level of confidence in your candidates' results.

Our solution works seamlessly with ADAPT's administration functionality, without the need to install any additional software. Your invigilator will be able to view all the candidates taking an assessment side by side in a gallery view, with the candidates themselves unable to see or hear each other, allowing you to conduct your entire exam catalogue remotely including those that require the strictest of exam conditions.

Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

ADAPT Screenshot
ADAPT Screenshot

Get FREE demo access to the ADAPT system

Take the opportunity to establish if our ADAPT system is right for you with free demo access. By taking advantage of this chance to try the system for yourself, you will be able to gain first-hand experience of the available features and how they could work in practice to assist you in managing and implementing your own assessment programme.

The demo gives you immediate access to the ADAPT Client Portal where you can see what the user interface will look like and explore what features the system has to offer by completing tasks such as taking an example assessment; the demo features a Cadet level assessment and although this may not be the type of assessment you are hoping to implement, it will hopefully give you an insight into what your assessment might look like and an example of the type of report output you could receive for your candidates.

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