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Symbiotics are proud to partner with a number of companies across the aviation industry, either as channel partners, development partners or as affiliates. If you are interested in becoming a partner then get in touch with us or apply to become an affiliate.

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Airline Pilot Club

Airline Pilot Club Logo

The Airline Pilot Club is a community of aspiring pilots, newly qualified pilots, flying schools and airlines. It aims to break down the barriers to make "the world's most exciting career" accessible to a global and diverse aviation community. They want to empower, educate and connect you to APC quality assured flying schools and airlines in the industry.

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AirlinePrep Logo

AirlinePrep support aspiring, current or military pilots with upcoming airline pilot assessments. With a team of instructors that are current Airline Training Captains, Captains, First Officers and HR Specialist AirlinePrep offer pilot interview and assessment training, ensuring you give the very best version of yourself during your selection.

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Aviation Insider

Aviation Insider Logo

Aviation Insider was formed in 2016 and is a global platform for all things aviation. Their aim is to keep aviation professionals informed, connected and most of all provide trusted content and services. They seek to provide a comprehensive package of products and services that enable those within the aviation industry to manage their career from start to finish.

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BQA Consultorías Logo

BQA Consultorías is dedicated to advising different sectors on issues related to human factors, reliability, assurance, operational risk management, assessment of critical processes of the operation, competency profiling and selection of personnel for critical positions (control centers and airlines), assessment of fatigue risk index, training in soft skills, operational safety, human factors, situational awareness, among other issues related to operational safety and human factors.


Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers Logo

Breaking Down Barriers is a recently established aviation non-profit founded by Doug and Gwen Parker. They are committed to removing all barriers to aviation that exist for underrepresented young adults, including the financial barriers to entry. BDB believe there is an enormous opportunity to transform the lives of underrepresented groups and their communities. Their work will begin with recruiting and retaining the best in the Dallas, Texas area before extending their mission nationwide to all minorities and to other aviation professions.



C2Consult Logo

For 20 years C2Consult have been a service provider for aviation safety. They provide tailored solutions to meet regulation requirements adapted to the size of your organization. With expertise in compliance/quality, safety management, risks assessment and human factors.


CAE Airside

CAE Airside Logo

Airside is a go-to destination for all aviation professionals. It's a trusted source for industry news and updates, eLearning courses, and job listings. Join the community.

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Dove Nest Group

Dove Nest Group Logo

Dove Nest Group develops and delivers world-class training and development solutions that enable organisations to unlock their potential through the development of their people, building a reputation for being the supplier of choice to many leading businesses through a partnering approach going far beyond a purely transactional service.

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Flight Deck Friend

Flight Deck Friend Logo

Flight Deck Friend aspire to be a bedrock of knowledge for those aspiring to embark upon their flying careers as well as sharing our knowledge and experience with both professional pilots and flying enthusiasts from around the world.

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Founded in 2009, the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) is a dynamic trade association that services flight training providers and the entire aerospace industry, creating meaningful programs, and works to increase the pilot population. FSANA identifies and establishes programs that are intended to help both new and existing flight schools as they deal with the multitude of work-scope issues they face on a daily basis.




Founded by FSANA, the International Aerospace Accrediting Commission (IAAC) is an accrediting organisation created for the flight training and aerospace industry. Their program will support the enhancement of the overall flight training space by establishing a set of standards that flight schools must follow. Flight schools that enrol in the Flight School Accreditation Program are electing to improve the professional nature of their businesses and the flight training industry.




IGHE Consultancy was formed in 2006 and is an aviation consultancy and student placement agency in Malaysia. Their aim is to assist both local and international students to make the best choice possible in determining suitable training based on their needs and interests in the aviation industry. IGHE supports these students with counselling and assessments to ensure a placement in an aviation organisation that best suits them.


Ingold Aviation

Ingold Aviation Logo

Ingold Aviation was founded in 2018 to help flight operations departments to meet their client’s expectations and regulatory requirements. Offering services in Flying, Project Consulting, Training, Personnel recruitment and Resume Help, Ingold Aviation has the experience and expertise to provide you with a wholesome approach to your challenge.

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Latitude Aviation English Services

Latitude Aviation English Services Logo

Latitude Aviation English Services design, develop and deliver quality aviation English language training and testing solutions. Striving for an aviation industry where there are no language barriers for individuals and where language enables organisations to operate safely and efficiently.

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Pilot Assessments

Pilot Assessments Logo supports aspiring and qualified pilots with preparation ahead of pilot assessments including ATPL, aptitude, technical and HR interview questions, type rated and cadet questions. In addition Pilot Assessments also connect other candidates in a forum to exchange latest information and feedback to support one another.


Pilot Hub

Pilot Hub Logo

Pilot Hub provides a community platform for future and current pilots, supporting them with information on flight training, pilot supplies and general aviation advice throughout their aviation careers.


Pilot Network

Pilot Network Logo

Pilot Network aim to provide an extensive database of flight schools, combined with reviews submitted by pilots along with a dedicated blog section with regular publications of articles and advice to help prepare pilots as best as they can. It serves as an aid to enable better decision making, based upon comprehensive and accurate information, in aspiring pilots journey to the flight deck.



Talogy Logo

Talogy focus on strategic talent management, assessment, and development. Unifying the leading talent experts, bringing together the best minds, skills and technology to help companies discover organisational brilliance. Talogy solves your biggest screening and selection challenges, giving you critical insight to make the best hiring decisions.

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TestRight Logo

TestRight Testing and Education solutions help students, educators and employers clearly see the next step on their path to new possibilities. Their testing and research tools have been designed to help people make decisions with confidence. TestRight advances high-quality tests to improve education policy and practice and provide world-leading academic research, learning and assessment globally.