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ADAPT Psychometric Tests and Assessment

Accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people success

As expert providers of pre-screening and assessments in the aviation industry, Symbiotics' will work with you to understand your requirements and what you are looking to acheive through the use of our tests, building a bespoke programme designed for you.

Below are details of our different tests and services all of which have been designed and built to provide you with a best in class selection process.

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Our Personality Questionnaire is designed by psychologists to measure a candidates' personality, values, behaviour and attitudes.

This test is designed to measure a persons' personality and preferences in the workplace.

The Aviation Knowledge test is focused at Commercial Pilot License (CPL) holders and above and assesses their knowledge.

Designed to help measure an individuals' natural talents and cognitive abilities for doing, and learning to do.

Designed to assess a candidate's preferences when managing and resolving a potential conflict situation.

Designed to measure a candidates' control and co-ordination skills as well as the capacity to adopt a performance improvement strategy.

Identifies where on the creativity scale an individual might sit, identifying whether they are more innovative or adaptive.

Designed to identify a candidates' decision-making and communication skills in response to various situations.

Emotional Intelligence is recognised as a predictor of future performance in management effectiveness.

This test assesses English Language, Listening and Comprehension skills.

Developed in partnership with Latitude Aviation English Services to reduce the time and administration required to complete, and to be a scalable approach.

This test explores a candidates' attention to detail and ability to identify mistakes and errors.

A multitasking exercise designed to assess ability to manage a busy workload whilst adhering to prescribed SOPs, including height, heading and speed using flight controls.

Designed to test a candidates' multitasking, learning, cognitive, situational awareness and physical skills.

Compromising of two tests: Instructor Aptitude and Instructional Style, this assessment explores an individual's aptitude to instructing and the different styles they prefer to adopt when teaching participants.

This test is designed to assess an individual's capabilities in both inductive reasoning (making broad generalisations from specific observations) and deductive reasoning (utilising two statements with a common subject to determine a conclusion).

This test assesses the candidates' ability to apply mathematical knowledge, formulae and calculations.

This assessment looks at the skills required in different positions where mechanical knowledge is key.

MindQ is a clinically validated online mental health risk assessment to identify early issues in Pilot mental health.

Designed to provide insight into an individual's motivations and key drivers.

This test assesses the candidates' ability to apply formulae and calculations from the physics field.

This identifies the individual preferences of a candidate which may be traits which could cause them difficulty in certain situations.