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Student Selection Aligned to Aviation Industry Standards for Universities

Aptitude assessments for students applying for aviation courses – improve training outcomes and pass rates.

Symbiotics Ltd

We support Universities globally to provide assessments for students as part of admission entry requirements ahead of university study programmes combined with flight training.

We want to ensure students have the best chance to succeed on your course and are well equipped to manage the demands of the course syllabus and flight training.

We can help you to select potential students on their ability to have a successful career within the commercial aviation industry. Use our ADAPT industry standard pilot aptitude tests to predict the success of a student completing your course. We help you ensure that the students you accept onto your course have an aptitude for learning as well as good knowledge in areas such as maths and physics with the dexterity and personality to ensure a good fit for the role of a pilot.

Our assessments are based on IATA's 9 pilot competencies and are used by ATOs and AOCs worldwide to inform cadet selection using aviation norm groups.

Our report outputs support interviews and provide training needs analysis to support with tailoring learning and development pathways for individual students to facilitate a better learning experience for the student and enhance pass rates for the university.

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Our Recommended Test Battery

Working with university partners we have developed a test battery that offers a robust approach to assessing your students.

Additional tests for enhanced physical skill assessment:

Ball Game
(Requires onsite assessment with joystick)
Flight Test
(Requires onsite assessment with joystick)

Why choose Symbiotics for your pilot aptitude tests?

Aligns with IATA guidance and best practice
Standardised and robust assessment and selection process driving informed decisions
Candidate reports that provide interview probes and training needs analysis feedback
High level matrix reports for large volumes of candidates to quickly and easily help you screen
Anti-cheating remote invigilation feature available
Gated assessment processes
Dashboards to easily review data and identify candidate assessment trends
Experienced psychology team that can provide additional support services if required including group exercises and interviews

Massey University School of Aviation New Zealand has been utilising a suite of pilot aptitude assessments provided by Symbiotics since 2012.

They are a key element in the full selection board process Massey University uses to select prospective students into its professional degree, Batchelor of Aviation - Air Transport Pilot.

To date the assessments provided by Symbiotics have been an important tool in assisting Massey University to select those candidates who demonstrate the key attributes required to complete this demanding programme.

Of particular note the School continues to greatly appreciate the prompt, ongoing support provided by Symbiotics to Massey University as and when required

Anke Smith – Managing Business Development and International Programmes – Massey University School of Aviation
A pilot instructing in a cockpit

Assessments for Teachers / Educators

We can also provide support for educational organisations wanting to select new teachers and educators. Our Instructional Capabilities Assessment covers instructional style and instructor aptitude. The assessment explores a candidates’ knowledge and understanding regarding the right approach to take in different scenarios as well as providing a detailed overview of their specific instructional style.

Our Instructor Capabilities Assessment can be used within the recruitment pipeline to help shortlist applicants most likely to be successful in teaching positions.v

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