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Join the Symbiotics Affiliate Scheme

Earn commission whilst providing value add content on your website to help candidates best prepare for their aviation assessments.

We are growing our network of partners to create online affiliates that can help us reach candidates that would benefit from our practice psychometric, aptitude and knowledge based assessments.

We want to ensure that candidates are supported ahead of assessments so that they can perform their best on the day through familiarising themselves with the ADAPT process ahead of their assessment.

We have created specially designed assessments for candidates in order to best prepare them and we need your help to reach them.

What is the Symbiotics Affiliate Scheme?

As an affiliate you would promote a link to our assessments and we would pay you commission on any e-commerce sales that originate from your website. ADAPT assessments are trusted by airlines and aviation training organisations in over 50 different countries around the world and our practice aptitude assessments have been specifically designed for candidates to experience ADAPT assessments ahead of their recruitment and selection assessments.

The tests are used in the recruitment process in a wide range of aviation roles for example Pilots, First Officers, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controller, Aviation Dispatcher and Aviation Maintenance offering an insight into how likely a candidate is to be successful in the respective role. Taking practice tests can enable candidates to familiarise themselves with the aptitude testing process, remove test anxiety and demonstrate their true capability.

Why Join?

Added value for your website visitors
Set commission rate on all sales
Easy to set up
Personalised Website Link