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Cognitive Reasoning

Our cognitive tests are designed to help measure an individuals' natural talents and cognitive abilities for doing, and learning to do.

Symbiotics Ltd

Symbiotics' cognitive tests, available at intermediate and advanced level, are designed to assess the candidates' work-related cognitive capacity and suitability for training including Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Working Memory, Perceptual Speed & Accuracy, Spatial Relationship Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

The test comprises randomly generated questions from the question banks to avoid copying and cheating and takes 30 minutes to complete.

The output report provides a breakdown of the users' performance overall (accuracy and response speed), against the six cognitive elements and against the general population distribution.

Number of Questions:
Time Limit:
30 minutes
Invigilator Required:
Joystick Required:


The results of this test are provided as an overall score plus scores for each section, all normed and shown within a colour banding for easy identification of level.

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Is an Invigilator Required?

Optional Invigilator Symbiotics offer a Remote Invigilation Solution which allows an invigilator to be present during the tests to increase the reliability of the results. Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

Our Psychologists Comments

Taken as a whole, these cognitive reasoning tests look at general intelligence and hence aptitude for learning in an environment where information is presented in a variety of formats. The different elements are tested separately and the results reported for each, so that an individual's strengths and weaknesses can be identified. As well as the factors listed above, the test is also able to report on Perceptual Speed and Accuracy through our testing methodology.

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