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Group Exercise

Symbiotics can provide group exercises either at your premises or remotely.

Symbiotics Ltd

Symbiotics' group exercises are designed to assess 4-6 candidates and take around 40 minutes to complete. Following the assessment, clients can expect to receive a numerical output of performance as well as a summary of the key behaviours and competencies observed during the exercise to support hiring decisions.

Our remote group exercises involve the use of a specially developed discussion-based task that can be delivered using an online platform such as Microsoft Teams, and are designed to assess critical pilot competencies such as teamwork, leadership and decision-making in the virtual setting. The exercise can be delivered by our assessment team as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a larger virtual assessment day also including candidate interviews.

Number of Questions:
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Invigilator Required:
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Is an Invigilator Required?

Optional Invigilator Symbiotics offer a Remote Invigilation Solution which allows an invigilator to be present during the tests to increase the reliability of the results. Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

Are You Ready to Talk?

If you would like to find out how we can help you with your assessment needs, please contact us and one of our sales team will be in touch to understand your requirements. We can quickly and easily set up a trial account for you to have a look around the ADAPT system and experience some of our specific tests.