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Instructor Capabilities

Compromising of two tests: Instructor Aptitude and Instructional Style, this assessment explores an individual's aptitude to instructing and the different styles they prefer to adopt when teaching participants.

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The final report presents the results from the two tests, exploring a candidates' knowledge and understanding regarding the right approach to take in different scenarios as well as providing a detailed overview of their specific instructional style i.e. Formal Authority, Expert, Personal Model, Facilitator or Delegator. Every trainer will have a preferred style, though they need to be able to adopt the others depending on the needs of the students.

The Instructor Capabilities Assessment can be used within the recruitment pipeline to help shortlist applicants most likely to be successful for teaching and instructing positions, as well as within Human Resources teams to support development, training and career progression opportunities.

Number of Questions:
Time Limit:
No set time limit (45 minutes recommended)
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The Instructor capability assessment generates a report presenting the results from the two assessments. Instructor Aptitude explores the Individual's knowledge and understanding regarding the right approach to take in different trainer/trainee interactions. The Instructional Style results show the Individual's preference level for the following Instructor approaches: Expert Style, Formal Authority, Personal Model, Facilitator and Delegator and provides a detailed overview of the Individual's specific Instructor style.

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Is an Invigilator Required?

Optional Invigilator Symbiotics offer a Remote Invigilation Solution which allows an invigilator to be present during the tests to increase the reliability of the results. Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

Our Psychologists Comments

Instructors can apply different approaches when teaching others. The Instructor Capability Assessment is used to explore an Individual's understanding and their approach to instructing, through providing a detailed overview of their instructing style, which can help assess whether they are a suitable candidate for your organisation or identify development areas amongst your employees.

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