Business consultancy and profiling

Symbiotics offer a range of additional business and consultancy services, from role, team or organisational profiling through to bespoke test designs and reporting with a unique population distribution for your needs. We can also train you to become a certified user of our tests, allowing you to interpret and feedback the results yourself.

Profiling of role, team or business

Symbiotics work with you to profile your business and / or role to identify the ideal candidate fit for the team. This work is undertaken by our qualified psychologists and works around our established personality questionnaires.

Symbiotics will send an Occupational Psychologist to visit you, meeting with and interviewing the relevant stakeholders to ensure that we get a complete picture of your requirements. From this we can determine the ethos and culture of your business. For a role profile to support with recruitment, our Psychologist will appraise the role, working alongside you to understand all aspects of the position. This includes, where possible, observing someone in the role to identify the unique characteristics of it.

Following this process, our Psychologist will complete the profiling activity back at head office, identifying the key 'hard' and 'soft' skills that would be demonstrated by the perfect candidate.

By undertaking a business profiling exercise, Symbiotics can help you to ensure that you are hiring and promoting the right people in the right roles; helping create business harmony and job satisfaction. This in turn reduces staff turnover and increases productivity, as your team are well-motivated with the skills and personalities chosen to complement one another.

Population Distribution

Symbiotics can offer you the option to use a specific distribution group for comparison of your candidates. This can help to ensure that the 'norms' used are completely relevant to your job, team or organisation allowing like for like comparisons.

This can include using your existing staff as the pool against which the new results are to be measured. In this instance, Symbiotics will require a representative set of the distribution group to take the tests in a controlled environment. This then allows us to use the output scores to band into a specific STEN distribution and cut scores output for your business.

Need to update your existing comparison group? Get in touch to purchase an annual refresh of the norms.

Bespoke Test Design

If Symbiotics' range of available tests do not fully cover your requirements, then our Psychologists will work with the Senior Psychologist and our assessment development team to produce something which meets your needs. This could be either an enhancement or adjustment to one of our existing tests, or a new platform designed specifically to identify the precise needs of your role, team or business.

Symbiotics specialise within the selection and assessment of candidates within high stress, risk or consequence industries such as aviation and the emergency services. A high number of our test environments and scenarios have been developed to provide the ability to uncover the unique characteristics, traits, skills and aptitudes to ensure the candidate is the right fit for this unique environment.

Bespoke Reporting

Symbiotics can tailor our standard reports to meet your individual needs. We believe that generally this is not required, but if you want a unique report output then this can be offered as an add on service.

For the mental wellbeing report, we can tailor the report such that the support pages identify the services and support uniquely available to the your staff, both in the country of operation and directly available through occupational health and / or third-party providers.

Certification Training

We offer a structured training course prior to the rollout of the questionnaire into your business, allowing you to certify your team to interpret and feedback the results yourselves. This allows you to have the awareness to interpret the results clearly and make confident decisions based on these findings.

Symbiotics' trainers will go through the feedback process as well, ensuring that you are comfortable interpreting the report and discussing it with the relevant candidate or team member.